Monday, October 28, 2013

A Song That Makes Me Feel Guilty - Day 28

Okay, I'll admit it here and now.

I have a terrible addiction to Iron Man. Mainly the first movie, but I admit to liking all three. I really LOVE Iron Man.


I love the suit, I love his character arc, I love all the unexpected traits that come out through the course of the movies that show him to be a more vulnerable person than he pretends to be. And all the unexpected things he does that show he's also a much less selfish person than he pretends to be.


So I give you one of the songs from the Iron Man 1 soundtrack (yes, I own it), which is something I'll listen to when I'm driving, or feeling in a rage, or have a need to vent.

There you go. A Song That Makes Me Feel Guilty. Done.

I'm going to be so glad when this challenge is over, you guys. ;) I'm getting brain-sore from posting so much. :P


God bless.


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