Monday, October 7, 2013

A Song That Reminds Me Of A Certain Event - Day 7

Well, well, well.

There is an Italian song I can't find that reminds me of Sunday dinners over at my Nono and Nona's house, but since I can't find that song to show you, I'm falling back on Plan B.

Which is this.


Just kiddin'.

Once upon a time, before people were married or had jobs or any of those annoying "growing up" type of afflictions, Amanda and I would visit our friends down in Caliente, California. There was one time we were coming home from somewhere (I can't exactly remember WHERE we were coming from, but I remember we were in my friend's green truck) and we were listening to the Broadway Musical, JANE EYRE.

So, all those songs actually remind me of that trip, but THIS one in particular brings up the memory with peculiar vividity... which is NOT a word, FYI.

(You have to go to Youtube and listen to it there - It won't let me post this on my blog. I don't know why.)

The reason this one is the one I remember most of all is because Amanda's friend, Emily, was singing along with the entire CD, but she kept singing two or three words ahead, so we heard HER sing the lyrics before the actual lyrics happened! Plus, she had a real thing for the male singer's voice in this one. :) So, this is the song that brings back that whole drive. :)

Tomorrow I get to post a song I know all the lyrics to! Imagine that. :)

God bless.


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