Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer, Swimming, Sickness and Other News

Tada. Behold. I have created a post for y'all.

Oh, LO freakin' L

Those of you hanging on the fringe and seeing this post pop up, I appreciate your loyalty. I have been buried in the silence for six months. Yep. Six months, people. I looked at my last post, idly curious as to the amount of time I'd let pass since my last post, and had a little sad all to myself.

Six months is a long time to quit the cybersphere. Sorries all 'round.

Anyhoozle, I've done many, many reviews at Compass Book Ratings since last I posted. Check it out:


I don't know why blogger can't freakin' format, but it apparently cannot, which is why all the books are wonky up there. But look at all the books I've reviewed! (Actually, I did review a fifteenth book, but since I threw up my hands about three chapters in, thinking, "Watch, I bet you anything the next character introduced is ALSO going to be exploring gender identity," I'm not posting that review here. I wouldn't recommend it anyway. To paraphrase Buzz Lightyear: "Gays. Gays everywhere.")

But see. I have been busy, contrary to what my visible life on this blog might say.


I love Google's doodles. They're always so adorable. Did y'all see the one where you could play cricket? That was fun! I really like the interactive ones. I literally waste so much time.

Fun news: I got pink eye over the last week. That crap sucks, man! It started developing Friday evening, and it wasn't toooo too bad until later that evening, when my eyes got pretty weepy and freakin' itched and burned.

I went to the doctor promptly the next morning, because it hurt, and am now on medication and doing much better, thanks for asking. I had originally thought it was just allergies, because our pollen is coming down with vengeance (thank you, pine trees), and my throat has been a little sore anyway, and I've been congested and watery-eyed. But when the itch turned into horrific burning and go-away-give-me-a-cold-towel-take-away-the-lights, I figured it was no longer allergies.

We had breakthrough hot weather end of May/beginning of June, which degenerated into really foul weather over the weekend that my sister (whom I haven't seen for...hmmm... four years?) came up for a visit. Once she and her family left, the weather popped back up into the upper 70s/low 80s, with a bold foray into the 90s. So, it is about swimming weather, which we will likely attempt tonight. I will swim, but I may not dunk. Protecting my precious eyes, see?

A few of us are going to a civil war reenactment this weekend. I'm not 100% sure where it is, but I do know the weather is going to be very HOT, and we are camping near a beach. So you can be sure I'm packing my swimsuit. But the reenactment itself should be fun. I'm looking forward to it.

I have been reading bucketloads of manga. Bucket. Loads. Manga is actually rather lovely. I mean, yeah, you get the shapeless wonders once in awhile, but can you imagine drawing an entire story in pictures? That's crazy talented.

I currently own all of Fullmental Alchemist, all that is available of D.Gray-Man, and I have about half of Pandora Hearts. The wrong kind of half, though. Like, Barnes and Nobles has a bad habit of chronically having the first seven books in that series, and the last five, but totally ignoring books 8-19. Apparently, those twelve are only purchasable online and never in-store. Lame-oh. (Also, I would like to point out that there is a serious lack of Xerxes Break collectibles. What's up with that, manga world? I bet you can't take a walk in freakin' Japan without stumbling over some action figure or another!) I did get my sticky mitts on some pretty cool Fullmetal Alchemist figures, which are proudly on display with my manga collection. I have also come to the conclusion that I think I like the Noragami manga slightly better than the anime. So I can see myself eventually collecting the manga of that. Perhaps not the anime, but the manga has beautiful art and a great main character.

But that is currently all for now. So, without further eloquence...

God bless!


Friday, December 23, 2016

A Really Random Post

It's funny the things your brain comes up with at 7:30 in the morning, when you're sitting on your couch, saying your prayers and staring at the darkened Christmas Tree.

My brain went:  That Christmas Tree is just like so many people in the world, who refuse to let their light shine.

Then my brain went: We are all Christmas Trees, of one sort or another. Some of us might be average trees. Some might be spindly little twiggy things.

 Some might be Douglas firs, absolutely gorgeous and so marvelously bedecked people sigh in envy.

Some might even be those trees made out of wire and light you see in city centers, or even a tree like the one that's put up in the Rockefeller Center in New York.

But we are all trees. And we all wear ornaments and tinsel and random decorations. Some might be better dressed than others. Some might have huge gaudy decorations. Some might be all in pink. Some might be camouflage. It really depends on you .

But we are all of us rather ugly without our lights. A Christmas Tree without its lights on is really not very pretty at all. No matter how gaily we are decked out in garland and red or green bulbs... no matter how big the star at our tip... no matter the size and shape of our branches, or the artistic drape of our garland, or the amount of ornaments hanging on our branches... without lights, you can't see the shine of the tinsel. You can't see the reflected light in the bulbs. You can't see how the shadow cast by a lighted Christmas Tree is more like a cast of light and not shadow at all. You can't actually see how pretty a Christmas Tree is until you've turned on the lights.
Then! How it shines!

So many people are concerned with outward appearance; how "well dressed" they are, how much makeup it takes to conceal deformities, how "pretty" they look. But if you're ugly inside - if you don't let your light take over, then you're really not pretty at all. You're just a grim little tree wearing tinsel.

So this Christmas, don't just be a tree. Be bright. Be illuminated. Shine. Let your soul kindle with God's grace. Let Him work His changes within you, so you become brilliant.

Be a Christmas Tree.

(Sorry if this got a bit cheesy. It was really random. I said so.)

But God Bless and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Friday, November 25, 2016

30 Days To Christmas!!!

So, those who know me, know that I'm really into Christmas. Like, I count down from St. Stephen's Day, I'm that pathetic.

But guys... It's only a month til Christmas! HOOT HOOT! Isn't that exciting? We actually got a little bit of snow for Thanksgiving Weekend, which was really good for the tourists. And in about a week and a half, it'll be St. Nicholas' Day. That's when you get chocolates and little gifts in your shoes, and drink Bishop's Wine later. :)

Also, a little bit on Front Sight.

The first day we had to get there so early - like, the gates opened at 6:30 a.m., and that's when you had to be there, to do a weapons check and all that jazz. Then once we got all our weapons and ammo approved, we went to our range and we got a whole day of "info-dumping, while we tested out the techniques on a "cold" range - meaning, we didn't ever holster a loaded weapon. The next day (when the gates opened at 7:15 am, and we would get there in time to do some dry fire drills before the actual lessons started) was a lot of the same, but we started firing more ammo, and by the middle of that day we finally got to put loaded guns into our holsters! That was really cool. (We couldn't leave the range with our weapons loaded, but while we were on the range, our guns were loaded. Sweet Lord of the Rings.)

The third day, we transferred to a larger range, and we did a lot of the same, practicing controlled pairs to the thorax with head shots when the instructors called them, and worked on clearing malfunctions. Then we were shuttled to a place they called Monsters Inc., because it is literally a space of doors. Like, five doors lined side by side about 10 lanes deep.  We had had a lecture on tactical entry the night before, so we all got these "red" guns (heavy plastic guns usually made of red or orange polymer) and practiced entry through the doors. Then we were shuttled BACK to the range, did some more shooting, and were shuttled off to a shoot house, where we got to make entry through a house that had targets and hostages set up. We got  to clear the house, practicing controlled pairs to the bad guys and head shots to those who had hostages, and that was intense and scary and fun.

Then we went back to the range and started working on the skills test, which is basically a "final" to see how much you've improved since day one.

The next day, we did the skills test first thing in the morning, after doing some dry practice, and I did really well - all my shots were in the thoracic cavity and the head box. Yay! But then, then, then!


The instructors put up targets that looked like actual thugs - like bad juju thugs - and we got to shoot at those, and since some of the thugs were angled differently, you had to judge where would be best to shoot them. Then the instructors marked the thugs off in groups of four, and we stepped up in relays and on the go we did a single shot to two thugs in our line, then to three, then to four, and then we had to take head shots as the instructor called them. It was tons of fun! (My accuracy improved when the targets were thugs and not simple grey targets - which is either really good, or really disturbing.) At the end of the day, we had a "Steel Competition" where we went up in pairs and had to shoot at hostage takers (metal targets) and whoever did it fastest and in the right order, moved on to the next round. That was the best!

Honestly, by the time we headed home, we were all having Front Sight withdrawal. I absolutely love my Glock-19. I like the way it fits in my hand, the weight of it, and the fact I now know how to clear its little issues.


So that's my Front Sight story. I want to look for a smaller semi-automatic, for concealed carry, and if I can find a small Glock, I think I'd like that. (I'm willing to look at others, but I totes love Glock.)

Last, guys.

I started mildly with Avatar, The Last Airbender.
Then I did Voltron.
Then I watched Fullmetal Alchemist.
I'm almost done with Pandora Hearts.
I'm into season 2 of Noragami.
I'm going to start D.Gray-man.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???,d.cGw&psig=AFQjCNF4alb2zTGf5SmThM2_sLf7sL3FaQ&ust=1480204828107046&cad=rjt

Like, I want to get the manga for the anime that isn't finished - like, Pandora Hearts. When did I become this weird?

But that's all for now!

God bless!


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