Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Post-Valentine's Day!!!

A day in which I was very busy.

Very busy.

I felt sort of like Celia on Monsters Inc., where she's answering the phone over and over and over again.

It was kind of nice, though, because the day went by quite quickly. I was so tired of answering phones and taking orders that, when I went home, I fell asleep while watching SNEAKERS with the family. How sad is that?!


However, now that is in the past, how was your Valentine's Day?

I ate a lot of M&Ms and some bee-you-tiful lemon bars. Then I had some bread and salad to feel healthier about myself, and enjoyed all the flowers that were being designed into the loveliest arrangements. Stock, by the way, is one of my favourite flowers. It smells a bit like cinnamon.


I finished Season Four of WHITE COLLAR.


I don't get why there's all this random gay stuff floating around in it - it's a perfectly clean TV show otherwise... aside from the occasional spicy scene which is no doubt meant to reassure the audience that, yes, people lurve each other muchly muchly in this show!!!  However, all that being said, this was probably my favourite season. Neal has grown up and become a lot more trustworthy, and even Mozzie isn't such a bad influence. And, of course, I freakin' love Peter!!

Agent Peter Burke

That's all for now, folks. My funny is broked tonight.


Okay. I go away to watch a movie now.


God bless!


Saturday, February 1, 2014

I'm Like Sherlock!

I'm here one minute, and gone the next.

(YOU thought I was going to say high-functioning sociopath, didn't you?)

At least I pop up more than once a year to say hello. That's something, right?

Mmm, yes. I'd definitely say that was something.

What are you all doing this bright and cheery Saturday?


I'm not doing much. I'm editing my novel, and critiquing a friend's manuscript.

Delete ALL the commas!

I'm also listening idly to some music in the background - mostly Imagine Dragons and Taylor Swift.


We watched Despicable Me 2 about two weeks ago now, and I was surprised how upset I was at the Minions' transformation. I liked it much better the second time, when I expected what was going to happen to them.


We also watched Sherlock over the last two weeks. I thought this season was amazing! I was a little sad there wasn't as much detecting in it as there were in the other two seasons, but other than that I loved John and Sherlock's relationship, and I was surprised to discover I was quite fond of Mary, too.


And that's really all I've got for today.  I hope you all continue to have a good weekend and enjoy the kind of weather you want to enjoy....


Going back and reading that line, I don't think it made sense, but I don't even care. I'm just gonna leave it.


See you next time! You know, in a little less than a year.


Toodles! Cheers! Laters! God bless.


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