About Katrina

Katrina DeLallo really, truly believes she is a writer.

She is *seriously* writing two stories at the moment, but has something like ten (or fifteen) simmering on the stove tops of her imagination.

One day when she is rich and famous she wants to own a TARDIS blue Land Rover, decorate it with police call box signs on its doors, name it the Blueberry, and have a license plate that says KAZ 2Y5 on it.

Her motto is to keep calm and call the Doctor, carry rock salt, text Sherlock, assemble the Avengers, scream Forth Eorlingas! and sing Disney songs while waiting for Aslan to shake his mane.

She thinks it would be awesome to own a fox as a pet.

Or a deer.

If she had a magic power, she'd like to be the Avatar and bend fire, water, earth, and air.

She firmly believes exercising exists to allow people to eat more cookies.

She would like Jack Bauer to be her personal bodyguard.

She's an archer, now. Archers are cool.

She tends to be a little C.D.O. Oh, sorry. O.C.D.

She has tried sushi three times now. The first two times, she quite loathed it. The third time, she rather like the spicy tuna. However, she prefers roaring fires and red meat off the bone, but no malt beer. Maybe some red wine. Chopsticks are fun to use, though.

She finds it easier to work on more than one story at once. She likes to have anywhere between two to five notebooks open on her lap. Yep, notebooks. Paper and pen and all that old-fashioned stuff. Computers are for second drafts.

She prefers writing to editing. If she must edit, she'll wrap it around two other stories.

Singing is more than a hobby. It's like a really urgent necessity.

So is drawing. Drawing is as cool as bow ties.

Clay is cool, too.

The best Doctor is the Eleventh one.

The only good orc is a dead one.

The only ships she likes are friendships. (Okay, okay, there are some perfectly stupendous couples she really likes, too. Amy and Rory. Tony and Pepper. Eowyn and Faramir. To name a few.)

She owns a harp she is tentatively learning to play, and would kill for a nice little upright piano. Okay, maybe not kill. Maim, though. Yeah, she would maim.

Her spirit animal is an LOLcat ninja. Figure THAT one out.
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