Sunday, June 29, 2014


Awhile ago, Bella at To Say Nothing of Reality tagged me with what she thinks is the Liebster Blog Award.  The goal of this tag is to:
1.)  LIST 11 facts about yourself.
2.)  ANSWER 11 questions the tagger asked.
3.)  ASK 11 questions of those you tag.

Since I have done the Liebster Blog tag several thousand times already...

...I am, once again, going to cheat on this.


Having cheated, I shall now faithfully answer Bella's questions, which are these:

1.) If you had a choice would you visit Rivendell or the Shire?
Um, um, um... the Shire.  I think the elves would expect more from me than the hobbits would.

2.) Have you read The Ascendance Trilogy?
3.) Do you tend to like the Villain BETTER than the hero? (This means in everything, mind you.)
Um... it really depends on the conflict in said villain, and the motivation driving them.  For the most part I think I tend to like the hero more than the villain.  I think...
Prison Break - Scofield vs. Mahone
4.) Are you a Tolkien Purist?
Yes.  IMHO, if there had to be a film adaption of the Hobbit, Peter Jackson should have made it a TV show and followed the book verbatim.  He wouldn't have had the urge to add all the unnecessary drivel that he did.
5) Are you a Marvel fan or just an Avengers fan?
I would say mainly an Avengers fan.  I'm not much into Spider Man, I'm not sure about the upcoming Ant Man, and I don't know about Guardians of the Galaxy.  I do like Wolverine, but I don't think I really love all the X-men.
6.) What book are you reading RIGHT NOW, and is it good?
Right NOW right now?  Er...  My own.  I'm editing. :-)  I think it's good, but it could use some - lots - of work.
7.) What is the first thing that comes to mind when think of trains?
8.) Have you ever had Vegan Chocolate? (If not, don't. DO NOT EVER.)
Thanks be to God, no.
9.) Have you ever cried in the theatre?
Are you kidding?  The real question is, have I ever NOT cried in the theatre?  It's such a dark and private place, I can weep unashamedly.
10.) Would you go shopping with me dressed as your favorite Avenger?
Eheheheheh... I think I'd have to be a tad bit stewed to be bold enough to do such a thing.  But mebbe.
11.) Do you think Frozen is overrated?
Yes.  In my outspoken opinion, Tangled was a much better story.  Besides, Rapunzel had a frying pan.


Eleven questions for whosoever wants to be tagged.

1.)  If you could choose to be a bug, what kind would you be?
2.)  You are given a choice between pizza and chocolate.  What do you choose?
3.)  What does Panama make you think of?
4.)  Have you ever been so obsessed with a TV show you literally can't think of anything else for days?  Weeks, even?  If so, which TV show(s) are you obsessed with at the mo'?
5.)  Do you prefer pens or pencils when writing?
6.)  If you could have one superpower talent, what would it be?
7.)  Do you visualize yourself as an archer or a ninja?
8.)  Quick!  Off the top of your head, what's the ONE THING you can't live without?
9.)  You're on the run.  Would you rather have a.) a hairbrush, or b.) a toothbrush?
10.)  Are you a summer or winter person?  Why?
11.)  Do you unashamedly watch cartoons and cry over them?  (If yes, high five, sista!)

There you go.  Since I'm a good person, I'm actually going to force myself to reach out and tag a couple people.  After that, youse all are on your own.
Arda Nessimava

Before I say farewell entirely, I am going to mention that I LOVED Prison Break the TV show, and because I loved it so much I made many collages, which I'm going to share here.

Yep, I'm a bit obsessed.  Unlike some other sisters I can name, I am very honest about being obsessed.  I like to share my obsession, and see how many other people I can get to be obsessed, too.

So, until next time... which may be awhile.  You never know.  I could go on a blogging spree and be your faithful blogger twice a week.  Or I may pop up in a couple months with a new obsession.  Life can be interesting that way.

So, talk to you later!

God bless!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hey look, it's still June!

Hey, yo!

Me and life, we've been sort of eying things in a not-so-friendly manner.
Dean sneer.

I have been writing when I can, working at the flower shop a couple days a week, and doing my transcription internship, which, by the way, is jolly interesting.  But it's keeping me busy.  Like, "I-have-no-life!-*weeps*" busy.
Add caption

Anyway, so there's this TV show Treskie and I started watching last month.  (We finished the last episode two nights ago.  Sorrows!)  Me and Treskie usually plugged in our earphones into my laptop at around 10:00 pm and, depending on how intense the cliffhangers are, watched anywhere between two and five episodes.
Obsessively fangirling

The show is called Prison Break, and I gotta say, I didn't expect to love it as much as I did.  There are only four seasons, but wow!  Pretty much every episode ends with this intense "What happens NEXT?!" kind of cliffhanger, and you end up struggling to decide whether you can spare 45 minutes on another episode, or if you really need more than five hours of sleep.
I confess... I do this.


The basic premise of the series is this:  The main character, Michael Scofield, gets himself arrested and incarcerated in Fox River Penitentiary where his older brother, Lincoln Burrows, is being held for the murder of the Vice President's brother.  Michael knows Lincoln is innocent of the murder, and he is willing to do anything, and give up everything, in order to break his brother out of prison. He gets a tattoo that holds the blueprints to the prison, as well as clues for how he is going to carry out the escape, and he has only about three weeks to accomplish this, because Linc is on death row and, if Michael fails to perform the escape, Lincoln will be executed.

Le Epic Tattoo

I'm not going to say much more than that because I don't want to give away spoilers of what the other three seasons are about.

Suffice it to say, this show is awesome for the fact that it is full of brotherly moments...
Michael and Linc
Brother Hug
Laughing! Awwww.

The nicest friendship story...
Michael and Sucre
Sucre and Michael
Prison bros

A family story...
Linc and LJ
Linc and LJ... again
The family... ish.

A flavorful cast of characters...
John Abruzzi, mob boss
Charles "DB Cooper" Westmore
C-Note... meh
Creeeeeeeeepy T-bag!
James Whistler

One of the best romances I've seen in a long time...
Whatever, I ship it!
Michael and Sara
That smile of hers...

One of the best female characters I've seen for awhile...

Horrifically BAD bad guys...

Bad guys turned good guys...
Seriously, the character arc on these two was incredible.

And best of all, faith.

Michael and Linc

The show also features an origami crane.  According to Michael, the crane stands for familial obligation.  Since Linc took care of him when he was little (after his mom died and his dad vanished), Michael now feels it is familial obligation to take care of Linc... specifically, breaking him out of prison.
Origami crane

Throughout the show Michael pulls out these little folded birds and uses them to aid in his escape plan.  So, I spent an obsessive morning learning how to fold them.

Obsessive might be too mild a word.  I made a bunch, and one of them is now in my car.

So, that's what I've been up to in the wee hours of the night/morning for these last few weeks.  I have a blog tag that Bella nominated me for, and that will get done eventually, but in the meanwhile I hope you give Prison Break a watch.

As a warning, it does contain some unexpected violent bits, some offish bits (mostly with T-bag) and the occasional scene (mostly between Sucre and Maricruz), but the overall portrayal of faith, forgiveness, duty, familial obligation and sacrifice are awesome.  The character development throughout the show is awesome as well.  There are some people you start out HATING entirely, and end up becoming ridiculously fond of later.  The baddies get progressively badder, and you sit there waiting for them to DIE.  The endings are, for the most part, cliffhangerish.  Be warned.

Overall, this has swiftly become one of my favourite TV shows ever.  Totally a five-star show.

God bless, youse all!

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