Saturday, July 28, 2012

Six-Sentence Saturday

It's amazing what you can do on a phone these days.

1.) I am posting this blog from my awesome new phone.

2.) My awesome new phone is a Galaxy Nexus.

3.) My awesome new phone is set with a personal ringtone for every one of my contacts.

4.) I LOVE my awesome new phone!!! : -)

5.) I am very proud if myself for exploring the neighborhood of Lawrence.

6.) The GPS on my phone is a wonderful thing.

That's all for now. Hope you all have a lovely Saturday!!!

God bless


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Six-Sentence Saturday 07/21/2012

Good morning, everybody! I actually managed to sneak in my Saturday post. That's exciting. Maybe that means life is settling down at last, and I can catch up with the stuff I'm behind in.

1.) I got an AARP Membership invite in my email today. What's up with that? :-P

2.) I also got an invite to check out hot senior singles in my area. Again, what's up with that???

3.) I'm feeling old. Really old. Like, really, really old. Old as this dog. Old.

4.) Good news! I've finished editing a couple chapters in my WIP! HOOT HOOT, and all that.

5.) The thing about packing, is it leaves you kind of exhausted at the end of the day.

6.) I'm going to have ORANGE LEAF tonight! (For those of you that don't know what that is, it's a Yogurt Bar. You can choose different yogurt flavors, add your choice of fruits, nuts, or chocolate, and add hot chocolate or caramel syrup, if you so desire. YUM!)

That's all for now. Except, I think I'm feeling a bit emotional or something, 'cause this song is currently one of my top three favorites. Enjoy! (Ignore the stupid advert beforehand. Hate those. Oh well.)

God bless


Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I don't know about you, but I have a hard time with theme. Even back in high school, when I had to do a report on a novel regarding the theme, I wanted to cry.

Setting was easy. It's where the story takes place, and I always flew through those reports. Character was easy, too. Talking about the character, how they "grew" during a chapter, was drop-dead easy. Well, maybe not that easy, 'cause I'm still alive, but it was pretty simple for me to do. Plot was a breeze as well, since it was what the story was about. I could do that almost with my eyes closed. Almost. Usually, I had to leave at least one eye open.

Then came Theme. Describe the theme of the story. Wait, isn't that what the story's about?

Uh-uh. That's plot.

Um, is it about what the character does? Where the action takes place?

No, and no.

For those of you that find theme an issue, this is it in a nutshell: theme is a main thought or idea being addressed, woven throughout the whole storyline. It is the issue of the story. It is the core idea, the hidden message people take away from your tale.

Let's take The Lord of the Rings.

The plot is that a simple little hobbit takes on the burden of the One Ring, and pledges to destroy it in the fires of Mount Doom before the Dark Lord Sauron should find it and use it to cover all the land in darkness.

The setting is Middle-earth.

The character is multitudinous; primarily Frodo, and Sam, but also Pippin and Merry, Gandalf, Aragorn, Boromir, Legolas, Gimli, Theoden, Eomir, Eowyn, Faramir, Denethor, and Gollum.

What is the theme?

Since there can be myriads of thematic threads, the main theme could perhaps be that, no matter how bleak or hopeless a future looks, there is always hope.

It could also be self-sacrifice for the good of others. Gandalf 'dies' in Moria to save the rest of the Fellowships. Frodo and Sam 'abandon' the Fellowship in order to save their companions from the trial of Mount Doom. Boromir dies trying to save his two special hobbits, Pippin and Merry. Faramir risks his life in an effort to obey the wishes of his father. "Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for a friend."

Last, (and I'm going to shamelessly quote from the movie Fellowship of the Ring here) it could be, "Even the smallest person can change the course of the future."

The theme depends on what you want people to take away from your story.


God bless!


(Check out the links below for some more cool information.)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Six-Sentence Sunday 07/15/2012

I missed my six-sentence Saturday, but I had good cause, which I'll tell you in six sentences.

1.) I've moved to Kansas!

2.) I'm helping my brother pack to move to a new house, so I've been doing a LOT of that these past few days.

3.) I'm also doing a writing assignment, which is due imminently.

4.) I've been exploring Kansas.

5.) There's a HOBBY LOBBY and HALF-PRICED BOOKS store on the same stretch of road, so that's been keeping me busy.

6.) I've been packing.

However, I've been amusing myself, too. Check out this insane person:

then preview this TV show:
and visualize me dancing to this with my nieces (both of whom are WAY adorable, too!):

Yes, we dance very energetically. They like to do a version of ring-around-the-rosies to it, including the "we all fall DOWN!" bit. It's fun.

So, there you have it. What have YOU been up to?

God bless.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blog Awards!

Good morning, everyone.

I was lucky enough to receive the TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF award and the SISTERHOOD OF THE WORLD BLOGGERS award from my friend and critique partner, Kelly Hashway. Thanks, Kelly!

For these awards, I'm supposed to tell you seven things about myself that you might not have known until this very magical moment. If you already know certain things, please, act surprised, okay?

1.) I have moved to Kansas for a year. (HA! Bet SOME of you are shocked! *winky winky*)

2.) I am a very private person, and rarely share life happenings with other people (see number 1).

3.) I like to redraft outlines... constantly, since my WIP's have a tendency to change in mysterious ways.

4.) I don't mind heat, but humidity is something else. Thankfully, Kansas is being kind to me.

5.) I love TV shows. They're not too long to make you feel like you've ruined a whole day, but they're short enough that if you watch two, you don't feel extravagant.

6.) I could watch people sing all day. (Some of you might already know this. I tend to fall back on this fact as a staple fact.)

7.) If I don't write something down right away, or do something right away, I tend to forget what the VERY IMPORTANT THING was that I was going to write, or do.

So, there you go. Now you know all about me, right? To conclude, I shall now pass on these awards to seven bloggers I think totally deserve them.

1.) Katie Clark
2.) Teresa DeLallo
3.) Kellie Falconer
4.) Dani Duck
5.) Alexandra
6.) Jaye Robin Brown
7.) Lily Cate

That's all for now. Have a lovely day, youse all. :-)

God bless.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

*Wave your Flags*

Fourth of July! 

I hope you all have a lovely fourth, with lots of fireworks, festivity, and remembrance of those who still give their lives to keep our country free. We're going to have a barbecue, and possibly dye some drinks red, white, and blue. Nothing like being patriotic AND festive, right?

God bless, and have a blessed, and wonderful, Fourth of July.

Red for hardiness and valour, duty done with greatest honour,
White  for clean, no stain to start:  pure and  innocent of heart.
Blue that to    justice    we'll adhere:     vigilant  to   persevere.
On  the field   are fifty stars, flanked  by thirteen   shining bars.
Fifty  stars  for  fifty states,  bound  by  what  the  flag  relates.
Flanking them, in red and white, thirteen stripes recall the fight.
Freedom    won,   declared today.  May God bless the U.S.A.!

You can follow the links for more info about the fourth, and the flag. Also, Liz Straw is having a giveaway over at her blog, as is Carrie Butler over at her blog. Please head on over and participate!
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