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I have been editing and critiquing for close to 10 years now. I was part of an intense critique group for something like five years, and am part of another intense critique group that reads and critiques a nice conglomeration of young adult, middle grade, fantasy, contemporary fiction and magic realism. I have been a judge over at Rate Your Story since its inception in 2011. I am also recently a book reviewer for Compass Book Ratings since 2016.

* Editing 
* Critiquing
I am available to edit/critique:

*  Novels (Middle Grade and Young Adult)
*  Short stories (All age levels and genres)
*  Poetry (Rhyming) and rhyming picture books


Novels and Short Stories:
  • Final Edit/Proofreading (Checking for proper spelling and grammar, with some rewording suggestions for easier reading) - $1.00 per double-spaced page ($1.25 per single-spaced).
  • Complete Edit (Giving advice on content as well as proper spelling and grammar, etc.) - $1.25 per double-spaced page (1.50 per single-spaced).
Poetry/rhyming picture books:
  • Flat fee of $15.00 per poem/picture book.
I accept payment through PayPal, but if that option doesn't work for you, send me an email and we can discuss another option.

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