Friday, December 23, 2016

A Really Random Post

It's funny the things your brain comes up with at 7:30 in the morning, when you're sitting on your couch, saying your prayers and staring at the darkened Christmas Tree.

My brain went:  That Christmas Tree is just like so many people in the world, who refuse to let their light shine.

Then my brain went: We are all Christmas Trees, of one sort or another. Some of us might be average trees. Some might be spindly little twiggy things.

 Some might be Douglas firs, absolutely gorgeous and so marvelously bedecked people sigh in envy.

Some might even be those trees made out of wire and light you see in city centers, or even a tree like the one that's put up in the Rockefeller Center in New York.

But we are all trees. And we all wear ornaments and tinsel and random decorations. Some might be better dressed than others. Some might have huge gaudy decorations. Some might be all in pink. Some might be camouflage. It really depends on you .

But we are all of us rather ugly without our lights. A Christmas Tree without its lights on is really not very pretty at all. No matter how gaily we are decked out in garland and red or green bulbs... no matter how big the star at our tip... no matter the size and shape of our branches, or the artistic drape of our garland, or the amount of ornaments hanging on our branches... without lights, you can't see the shine of the tinsel. You can't see the reflected light in the bulbs. You can't see how the shadow cast by a lighted Christmas Tree is more like a cast of light and not shadow at all. You can't actually see how pretty a Christmas Tree is until you've turned on the lights.
Then! How it shines!

So many people are concerned with outward appearance; how "well dressed" they are, how much makeup it takes to conceal deformities, how "pretty" they look. But if you're ugly inside - if you don't let your light take over, then you're really not pretty at all. You're just a grim little tree wearing tinsel.

So this Christmas, don't just be a tree. Be bright. Be illuminated. Shine. Let your soul kindle with God's grace. Let Him work His changes within you, so you become brilliant.

Be a Christmas Tree.

(Sorry if this got a bit cheesy. It was really random. I said so.)

But God Bless and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
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