Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Song I Listen To When I'm Sad - Day 22

Again, this is another instance where I'll listen to anything when I'm sad. It honestly depends on what I happen to be "in" to at the moment.

(Right now I'm into Josh, but I'm really trying not to hit you up with every Josh Groban song I know. You're welcome.)

So I'm going to post a song I listened to last time I was seriously sad. This time, you get a Taylor Swift song!!! (I do confess to liking sad songs when I'm sad. Sad songs make me cry out my actual sadness. I think. Or it might make me even sadder, and I'll go to bed crying and wake up with puffy eyes. Bummer.)

Anyway, this song of Taylor's is from her album, RED, and I honestly got all teary the first time I heard it. Since I"m posting a bit late, I'm going to keep this post pretty simple. No captioned pics, my friends. Sorry.



  1. Some of us Josh Groban stalkers....fan girls I mean....don't mind a list of his songs in every post. *Whistles innocently.*

    I've heard a lot of her Red albums songs but not this one. I'll have to listen to it tomorrow, since I'm supposed to be getting offline right now and going to bed. (HaHa)

    1. HaHa. This one is really pretty. The lyrics in this one are amazing. She chooses words that absolutely MEAN what she's saying.


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