Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Song From A Band I Hate - Day 12

If Led Zeppelin can be considered a "band" then his is one of those bands I can't like. There are others, but since I hear most of these songs at work and I don't know for certain which songs are sung by which bands, I can only present a song I've heard and know for certain belongs to Led Zeppelin.

This, my friends... this!


I don't know. That shrill, "ahAHaaaaaaaaaaahAAAH! ahAHaaaaaaaaaaahAAAH!" feels like a marker on a dry erase board. Or a bit of chalk on a chalkboard. Whichever floats your ark.

To apologize for submitting you to the ordeal of this song, I now present Tim Hawkins... in parody.

Tomorrow I'll post a song that is a guilty pleasure. That ought to be inneresting. :)
Until tomorrow, my lovelies!

God bless!


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