Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Favourite Song At This Time Last Year - DAY 30!!!

I can't believe it! I made it! Thirty days of posting, and I didn't miss a DAY, you guys.


I admit, some of those posts happened REEEEEALLY late at night...


But sometimes they happened really early too!!!

Sometimes I felt like punching something... or someone...




So, last year I was helping my brother pack, to move. I was on a real Taylor Swift kick a year ago, and this is the song I was absolutely crazy about. I listened to it all the time while I was packing.


So, that's the final post for this challenge. I hope you enjoyed all the songs, and maybe even gained a little insight into the kind of person I am. ;)

Until I post again, God bless!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Song From My Childhood - Day 29

Believe it or not, when I was little all we ever really listened to was my dad's kind of music. You know, like The Association, The Beatles, The Tokens, Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash... all those kinds of singers and groups.


However, we also got into folk music when I was around 7 or 8, so we also listened to a bunch - and I mean a BUNCH - of the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem.


So, a song I remember quite fondly from my childhood would be this one, sung by Tommy Makem and accompanied by Liam Clancy.

Tomorrow is the last day for this contest. I can't even begin to describe how AWESOME that is.

Until tomorrow, hope you enjoyed this post. :)

God bless!


Monday, October 28, 2013

A Song That Makes Me Feel Guilty - Day 28

Okay, I'll admit it here and now.

I have a terrible addiction to Iron Man. Mainly the first movie, but I admit to liking all three. I really LOVE Iron Man.


I love the suit, I love his character arc, I love all the unexpected traits that come out through the course of the movies that show him to be a more vulnerable person than he pretends to be. And all the unexpected things he does that show he's also a much less selfish person than he pretends to be.


So I give you one of the songs from the Iron Man 1 soundtrack (yes, I own it), which is something I'll listen to when I'm driving, or feeling in a rage, or have a need to vent.

There you go. A Song That Makes Me Feel Guilty. Done.

I'm going to be so glad when this challenge is over, you guys. ;) I'm getting brain-sore from posting so much. :P


God bless.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Song I Can Play On An Instrument - Day 26

I can play Pachelbel's Canon on the piano. How epic is that?

I can't find the version I can play, but I can post a variation on what I play.

I'm sort of in a "mood" tonight, so I'm not really going to post much more than this. Suffice it to say, I posted. I has done what I must do. Now, I must leave.

Goodbye. God bless!


Friday, October 25, 2013

A Song That Makes Me Laugh - Day 25


For a change, this challenge is actually simple. This song always cracks me up. I think it's their wee voices caroling away, and the four-part harmony is really quite ridiculous. But still, there you go. It makes me laugh.

I hope you enjoy that. It's such a ridiculous song, I can't even supply you with photos. It speaks for itself.

Until tomorrow, have a great evening.

God bless!!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Song That I Want Played At My Funeral - Day 24

I admit to not knowing all these challenges by heart. Which is why, every once in a while, you get another picture of it on my blog. I needs hints, see. Remindances... which is not a word, but which I find applicable.

Um, for my funeral, I'm really not going to care WHAT's played, 'cause, yanno... I'll be dead.

Oh Dear.

However, this is what I'd love to have sung at my funeral as I'm being carried away (I can't help the morbid visuals, guys. This is my FUNERAL we're talking about!) I'd like someone to sing this song.


"May the angels lead you into paradise: may the martyrs receive you at your coming, and lead you into the holy city, Jerusalem. May the choir of angels receive you, and with Lazarus, who once was poor, may you have everlasting rest."

So, there you go.

See youse all tomorrrow!!! I am so freakin' glad there's only seven days left!!! This is getting exhausting. :)



See you (again) tomorrow. God bless!!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Song I Want To Play At My Wedding - Day 23

Wow. This is a tough question. It would actually be a song I'd want to have play at my Wedding RECEPTION, 'cause at my wedding there'd just be a lot of hymns and hopefully Gregorian chant.


My reception, however... that is a different story. And since I have been SO GOOD about not posting Josh Groban songs, I am now going to post a Josh song, right here, right now, as a Song I want To Play At My Wedding Reception.

This song is something special. It's such a beautiful love song, I hope you love it as much as I do! :D


Like the sound of silence calling
I hear your voice, and suddenly
I'm falling

Lost in a dream.

Like the echoes of our souls are meeting
You say those words, my heart stops beating
I wonder what it means.
What could it be that comes over me?

At times I can't move.

At times I can hardly breathe...

When you say you love me
The world goes still, so still inside

When you say you love me
For a moment there's no one else alive.

You're the one I've always thought of.
I don't know how but I feel sheltered in your love.
You're where I belong.
And when you're with me, if I close my eyes

There are times, I swear
I feel like I can fly.

For a moment in time.
Somewhere between
the heavens and earth.

Frozen in Time
Oh, when you say those words...

When you say you love me
The world goes still, so still inside

When you say you love me
For a moment
There's no one else alive.

And this journey that we're on
How far we've come, and I
Celebrate every moment.
And when you say you love me

That's all you have to say.
I'll always feel this way.

When you say you love me
The world goes still, so still inside
And when you say you love me
In that moment, I know why I'm alive
When you say you love me... 

When you say you love me...

Do you know how
I love you?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Song I Listen To When I'm Sad - Day 22

Again, this is another instance where I'll listen to anything when I'm sad. It honestly depends on what I happen to be "in" to at the moment.

(Right now I'm into Josh, but I'm really trying not to hit you up with every Josh Groban song I know. You're welcome.)

So I'm going to post a song I listened to last time I was seriously sad. This time, you get a Taylor Swift song!!! (I do confess to liking sad songs when I'm sad. Sad songs make me cry out my actual sadness. I think. Or it might make me even sadder, and I'll go to bed crying and wake up with puffy eyes. Bummer.)

Anyway, this song of Taylor's is from her album, RED, and I honestly got all teary the first time I heard it. Since I"m posting a bit late, I'm going to keep this post pretty simple. No captioned pics, my friends. Sorry.


Monday, October 21, 2013

A Song I Listen To When I'm Happy - Day 21

Honestly, I listen to every kind of song when I'm happy.

However, to give you all a song other than something sung by Josh (and that is a REAL cross, let me tell you!!!) I'll give you something by the Piano Guys.

This song makes me feel fuzzy all over. It's so hilarious to watch the video, and in my humble opinion I think it is so much better than the original version.


Enjoy! Have a great evening. :)

God bless.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Song I Listen To When I'm Angry - Day 20

When I get seeing-red mad, that's when my "Bad Boy" music comes out.


When I say Bad Boy, I mean Nickelback.


That's the worst I'll get with music, is something by Nickelback. I don't love everything they do. In fact, I only like a couple of songs from each of their albums. The ones I do like, though, I LOVE.


So, when I'm angry, this is a great song to listen to. The lyrics are actually pretty awesome, and of course the drums don't hurt. :)

If Today Was Your Last Day
And Tomorrow Was Too Late
To Say Goodbye To Yesterday.
Could You Live Each Moment Like
Your Last?

Leave Old Pictures In The Past
Donate Every Dime You Have?
If Today Was Your Last Day.

That's all for now, folks! See you again tomorrow. :)

God Bless!

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