Saturday, January 21, 2012

Six-Sentence Saturday 01/21/2012

Here we are, my six sentences.

1.) It's supposed to snow. Blast. It's actually snowing a little bit right now. Double blast.

2.) I HATE snow... even though I live in Tahoe, I hate the stuff with every fiber of my being.

3.) On the upside, I think I'll watch The Adventures of Tintin tomorrow.

4.) I think snow stifles my creativity... I've got a story I'm revising, a Letter Game I'm playing, and another short story idea simmering on the burners of my imagination, but I can't seem to get the words down on paper. Triple blast.

5.) One of my new favourite songs is called "Arrival" by Sarah Brightman. PRETTY!!!

6.) I'm going on vacation on the first week of March. Goodbye, snow!
That's all for now. What about you?

God bless!


See my comment box? Want to know a secret?

*whispers* It's actually a TARDIS comment box! If you write long enough, you'll see... it's bigger on the inside!

Isn't that cool?

Now that you know that, aren't you going to throw a comment in there? You KNOW you want to. :)

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