Saturday, January 7, 2012

Six-Sentence Saturday 01/07/2012

Happy Day-After-Epiphany! In case you missed my Epiphany post at In Principio, you can read it here. I hope you enjoy it. I just adore Epiphany, especially since my family and I celebrate it with wine, food, and gifts.

So, here are the six sentences:

1.) I got a BOOKWYRM for Epiphany!!!... actually, it was the gift I saved from Christmas, but still, isn't he adorable?

2.) I also got a gorgeous shawl that my Mom made for me, of a beautiful blue sparkly yarn inset with lovely pearl beads so that it looks a bit like the night sky and a bit like Eowyn's cape in this scene in the Lord of the Rings. (Click here for more images of her fantastic Starry Mantle!)

3.) I wish I knew how Diana Wynne Jones' mind worked... her stories are just brilliant.

4.) I think there is nothing quite so lovely as a piece of unmarked paper.

5.) I can look up Tim Hawkins and LOLcats and laugh over them for hours.

6.) In my book, an LOLcat picture is worth MORE than a thousand words.

That's all for now. Talk to you later!

God bless.

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