Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wordy Writers

Writers have to be wordy. Seriously. They have to have a whole convoy of words at their disposal, ready to be fired relentlessly at a hopefully-attentive audience.

They have to know antonyms for words like rude, unhappy, sociable, and be able to trot off synonyms for words like incredulous, superfluous, and irritating. They have to know the difference between homonyms like peace and piece, and know if that book goes they're, there, or their.

It can be like a treasure hunt. "What does convivial mean?" **flip, flip, flip** (or, for the more computer-minded people, **browse, browse, browse**) AHA!

Con·viv·i·al [kuhn-viv-ee-uhl]
1.friendly; agreeable: a convivial atmosphere.
2. fond of feasting, drinking, and merry company; jovial.
3. of or befitting a feast; festive.

"What does translucent mean?" **flip, flip, flip** (**browse, browse, browse**) AHA!

Trans·lu·cent [trans-loo-suhnt]
1.permitting light to pass through but diffusing it so that persons, objects, etc., on the opposite side are not clearly visible: Frosted window glass is translucent but not transparent.
2. easily understandable; lucid: a translucent explication.
3. clear; transparent: translucent seawater.

Writers have to know a lot of words. (Bonus points for anyone who can tell me offhand, without or Google, or any other online dictionary, thesaurus, or search engine, what the word CARRIWITCHET means. **gigglegiggle) My advice? Use a dictionary!


  1. can *I* say what carriwitchet means or is that slightly cheating, Kat?

  2. Love this version of the three little pigs! "I urge we run. Whee, wheee, wheee!" LOL. Awesome.

  3. That was awesome, Cat. Laughed out loud. Thanks for that! =D

  4. That's cheating, Treskie! Maybe in a day or two, 'kay?

    Amy, **gigglegigglegiggle** I LOVE this!

    You're welcome, Ruth. Isn't that hilarious?

  5. Cat, it's fun to learn new words all the time. (Thanks for the definition on convivial, by the way. I was a little hesitant on that one ...)

  6. You're welcome, Claudine. I adore words! :)

    Oh, and CARRIWITCHET means "A puzzling question."

    That man asked quite a carriwitchet the other day.

  7. Cat, it's funny because my mom has a Kindle and she uses the dictionary feature on it when she comes across a word she doesn't know. I've never used the feature. Not because I know every word, but because I read all YA and MG. The words in those books, I'm fine with. ;)

  8. Are we playing Balderdash here? If so here is my guess. Carriewitchet is another name for the broom that a witch flies! Hee hee, I know that's not right but Balderdash is my favorite game so had to give it a whirl!! Fun post, and so true. I love learning new words everyday, however my problem is I never remember them!! Thank god for all the available help the internet gives us.

  9. In the words of writer-friends.. **gigglesnort**

  10. Kelly, there are very few words I don't know. I say it's because I constantly read.

    Allyn, Carriwitchet IS a balderdash word, and it was such a great word that I took the time to learn it. Another word I love is deipnophobia. Great word. Gotta love balderdash!

    Miranda, glad you liked it. :) **gigglesnort** back.

  11. I thought maybe Carriwitchet was a word derived from a Stephen King story. "Yeah, better watch out for that new girl in gym class. She has an evil eye. If any one crosses her, she may Carriwitchet and get us all." LOL


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