Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Tra la la, tra la la.

I haz been a terrible blogger. Life, editing, and job careers have been plaguing my mind. Do you wonder why I have no fingernails?
So I 'm taking a LEAP into Devil-May-Care Land, and answering these that John asked me awhile ago for HIS tag. However, since I've already done this tag, I'm not going to actually DO the tag again, with the whole eleven random facts about me, eleven questions to answer, and eleven questions to ask nominees. Instead, I'm just answering John's questions. Because I like John.

HERE are his questions:

1. What Cartoons do you like?
I love Robin Hood and Sleeping Beauty best. If we're talking any random animation (like computer animated rather than the old Disney cartoons) I love any Pixar film you throw at me. Some I like better than others, but for the most part I loves them ALL. Muchly.



2. Do you like cats?
I like cats that purr and behave themselves. I don't like cats that scratch, lick my arm, don't purr, and act nasty when I want to pet them.

3. Do you read lots of books at once or just one?
I love to have a book open in every room. Just in case I misplace one, I have another to read right away.

Equestria Daily

4. Do you watch the Merlin show?
Not yet. I've seen most of Series One. I shall resume those soon, hopefully! L)

5. The Doctor Who show?
TOTALLY! (Eleven is my fav'rite.)


6. Sherlock show?
YES YES YES! I adores Sherlock and John muchly.


7. Do you swim or sink like the Titanic?
I swim like Fezzik in Princess Bride.

8. Do you have a real job? Is it scary?
I had a real job, I do not have one right now, but I'm praying I'll find a real job soon even though I do NOT like real jobs. I like to stay at home and be invisible. The world is not a nice place to introverts like me.

9. Have you read Redwall? or any of the books?
I have read ALL the Redwall books! I even met Mr. Brian Jacques once. He was so cool!

I WANT these!!!

10. Do you like picnics?
I love picnics. I like having chicken and apples on picnics.

11 Do you like ants at picnics?
No. They crawl into unexpected places and make me itch.

Thank you for the tag, John! I hope you have a lovely day now. :)

And same to the rest of you readers. Have a nice day, and talk to you later! :)

God bless!



  1. Hee hee! I like this post :).

  2. I'm still envious over the fact you met Brain Jacques. I haven't had a chance to read any more of his books lately, dumb editing, but once I've finished I want to start - I believe it is called Malfox or something like that. (That might have been a random sentence.)

    I didn't like 11 at first. I was mad he replaced Ten who I related to more. And made he was so different then Nine. But then I rewatched some of his episodes and I realized how much I love him. He's different, yes, but it just means I can love all three for being different. And he is just so quirky and little boyish, until he's really hurt - then he gets REALLY mad.
    "Now's not a good day to see why I have so many rules."

    Robin Hood. I love that cartoon.

    And now I should be in bed, like a good little...person.

    1. Yes, Brian Jacques was amazing! I loved him so much. He was tons of fun to talk to.

      It's funny, but when I came to Doctor Who, all my other sisters had already seen Doctor Nine and Ten, so they were about to start on Eleven. Me, having seen none of them and not really enthusiastic about starting, said, "That's fine. I don't care where we start." And in went disc one of Series Five of Doctor Who, and I thought, "He is so awesome!" and I was hooked. Silly me. I loved how his eyes could be so young and so old at the same time. :)

      Hope you had a good night, you good little person. :)

  3. Oh Cat, I just love your answers. (And John did give you awesome questions to work with, didn't he?!)
    I like to stay at home and be invisible too! =)

    1. YES! I wish the world wasn't so in your face, yanno? I like to be the lurking person, who enjoys sun and streams and picnics on their own. LOL

  4. I awarded you!


  5. Wait, there's such a thing as a nice cat that purrs and doesn't look at you like you are so far beneath her she can't even stand it? Apparently, mine lied to me. ;)

    1. I know, right? The kitties we have right now are all right, but we used to have these really nice cats that would burst into the most robust purrs when you came near, and they'd love to have you pet them, and they were always very sweet.


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