Sunday, May 5, 2013

I'm One Of the Greats!!

At least, this blog award says so, and I believe it. Every word!

This award came from Rose over at The Golden Road blog. Even though the rules don't say to thank the tagger and link back, I'm gonna do it anyway... 'cause I'm NICE like that.

So, here are the RULES...

Copy & paste the award to your blog.
Answer the questions given below (everyone answers the same questions every time).
Award 1-5 bloggers who are some of your favorites, give a quick description of why you chose them, and let them know you tagged them!


Here are the QUESTIONS...

1.) What are some of your tips for the background of blogs? Layout, colors, etc.?
Er... I would say, try to go for colours that suit you, but are also rather pleasing to the eye. Me, I like green and dark colours, because I find my eyes object to overlong exposure to bright computer screens. And sidebars make a blog interesting, and give insight to what kind of person you are.


2.) What are your favorite blog topics to write about?
I like to write about writing, about movies and music, about books, about me... about anything, really. I also post about clay. I guess I'm a random kind of writer! (Or blogger.)


3.) What are some of your favorite blog topics to read?
I really love to read anything that's written well, is engaging and fun to read, and gets my interest. I like writing and art blogs, "crafty" and food blogs, and blogs that deal with book, movie, or music reviews. Hairstyle blogs are fun, too.


4.) What is your biggest blogging tip for newbies?
Be yourself. Don't get too preachy. Sappy posts, or sanctimonious posts, or "I am such a deep thinker" posts can be a turnoff, if that's ALL you do. Try to make your posts light, funny, and engaging. You don't always have to be the joke-a-minute blogger, but when you go for a thoughtful post, truly try to make it THOUGHTFUL and not a soul-searching journey into treacle-town.

5.) Why did you start blogging? 
Because I am primarily a writer, and as a writer I wanted to network with other writers. :)


I Tag:
No one!

S'r'ously, I iz too tired to tag and nominate peoples. So, I shall enjoy this award, and if you'd like it, nominate yourself, blog, and tag. Knock yourself out.

Until next time, cheers! God bless!


P.S. And stay tuned. On May 20th, I shall be posting an interview with Angelia Almos, author of HORSE CHARMER. She's going on a blog tour, and she'll be stopping by to talk about her book, and answer a few questions. :)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Kelly! Congrats on yours, too. TWO Liebster Blog awards in one post. That's gotta be awesome. :)

  2. Congratulations, Kat! I always knew you were one of the Greats!

    Well... golly... that picture of vintage social networking looks like the way I still do most of it. Especially the pin board :-)

    1. I LOVE that vintage networking picture! I looked at it and thought, "OH! So THAT'S what all these things, like reddit, instagram, and imgur DO. I get it!"

  3. Hi Katrina! I've been enjoying reading your blog these last few weeks.

    That's pretty much the same reason I started blogging! To network with other writers.

    That vintage social networking picture is hilarious!!! And mostly true for me. I have Blogger and Pinterest, but no Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    I tagged you here:

    1. Thanks, Melody! I appreciate the kind words. And ooh, another tag! That's fun. :)

  4. I liked reading all your answers for the tag, and I think I even got some new pointers for blogging, especially backgrounds and colours. I always have trouble knowing which ones work best.

    Oh yes, and I agree with you about reading. It does help an author with writing and therefore counts as work. (I sometimes use that as well. When I'm sitting curled up with a good book and someone asks what I'm doing I can say I'm working and therefore need to be left alone.)

    1. Excellent. :) I can imagine they walk away from that conversation feeling a bit confused and with their jaws hanging. "Work?" they whisper. "What work? She's reading!"

      A writer is so misunderstood. :)

    2. Actually, that happens a lot. That and the, "You mean you did nothing today but edit? You didn't work?" And I sit in my chair and glare and grab my pen and say, "Leave, before I'm forced to stab you."

      You shall have to let me know who wins the book race, your or Treskie. I guess there is an advanage to being one of the only big readers in my family. I don't have to race for books.)

      Oh, oh oh oh oh!!!! I am SOOO excited to read The Thief!!!! I'm saving it for my birthday, a reward for getting through editing.

    3. I think it's with anything artistic. Know one who does it realises how HARD it is to work at that level of creativity. They see it as idleness, which is SO vexing.

      Ooh, that is quite a spur, saving The Thief until you finish editing! I don't know if I'd have the strength to do such a thing. LOL!

    4. It is hard. Because doing something creative does take a lot of hard work, just not the same kind as - working on a fence or something. But I can kind of see how they would think that. After all, we're inside most of the day, curled up in a chair.

      It took a LOT of willpower to save The Thief, I almost cracked many times.

      Aw, you've read some of Philip Reeve's books! That is cool! He's such an amazing author!

  5. I am glad you liked the new cover! I am pleased with out it turned out. Yes, this book will be fantasy. I don't do a lot of fantasy books, but I do enjoy it. Though this one is more fantasy then some of my others as it has elves in it.
    I think if I was to have to pick fantasy or Steampunk I'd gow ith Steampunk. Steampunk fits more the style I love. (History, but with the freedom to come up with new ways to tell it.) But I do really enjoy writing fantasy. (Speaking of which, what is High Fantasy?)

    It was hard when the Ponds left. I didn't think I'd like Clara at all, but she is a lot better than what I was expecting. I think you will like her. But once you watch the new ones we shall have to compare notes.

    That is exciting about Matt Smith staying! I didn't like him as much in series six, but I think he's made a comeback in series seven and I will miss him when he's gone.

  6. As much as I liked Into Darkness, I have to agree. William Shanter and the others are and always will be THE crew. No one else can replace them - though out of everyone, Simon Pegg comes closest. Him and him only. He just seems to be the only one who actually captured the original character. All his panic over the ship.
    But no one, EVER can replace Kirk or Spock or McCoy. Or Chekov...oh dear, the list is endless.

    Every time I review something and get someone interested enough to either read the book or watch the movie, I feel like a mind controller or something. So, since you are now considering watching the new movie, I'm over here, rubbing my hands together and cackling evilly. *Smrik*
    (And the movie would be worth it for BC alone. The tibble was just an extra bonous for all us original Trekkies I think.)

  7. HELLO!!! I'm back! I liked your tag, but I like all the ones you do.

  8. Congrats on the award, Cat. You really are one of the great ones and I enjoy reading your blog a lot. You always make me laugh!


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