Saturday, March 2, 2013

Six-Sentence Saturday 03/02/2013

I find certain things humourous. Like LOLcats, and captioned pictures.

This amuses me.

So does this:


This also amuses me:

1.) Today, while saying our Rosary, my niece pointed out a picture in the prayer book she was looking at, of St. Joseph and our Lady preparing for the journey to Bethlehem, and she said, "Auntie Trina! Look! The TARDIS!" and pointed to a small lantern drawn in the picture that did, admittedly, quite look like a TARDIS.

2.) I can apparently make a good "shocked" Tom Cruise face... if I'm feeling uninhibited, that is.

3.) I haz made TARDIS cookies for dessert tomorrow!

4.) There is something about Lent that makes all sweets instantly desirable.

5.) I want to see Rise of the Guardians again.

6.) I also wish there was somewhere in Tahoe that offered Parkour lessons.

Come on, you KNOW you want to be able to do that!!

That's all for tonight! Hope you have a yummy lovely Sunday with much sweets and chocolate and goodness!

God bless.



  1. I like Kid Snippets SO MUCH

    That is a terrible thing to say :-O

    DANG that sign lol - I pinned that pic

    ~ Sigh* poor Chloe. She regenerated today *Smile* And she actually did the whole 'who am I?' too. She then sat down and quoted 11's regeneration to me ending with "I AM A GIRL! the doctor is funny" I just giggled. A whovian with no chance of normality that Chloe is.

    1. I find that alarming, actually. She's only five, and already so sullied. *smile*

      Kid Snippets is HILARIOUS!! I love them so much.

      That sign... that's all I'm going to say on that.

  2. Parkouring is cool. Can you imagine being that strong?!

    1. I can imagine, actually. I imagine it wistfully. I would even buy Skechers Sneakers in order to run that way. LOL

  3. Replies
    1. They were YUMMY! A nice, pale blue colour, 'cause I didn't want to use so much dye to make them actual TARDIS blue, otherwise they'd taste just like dye. But they were sweet, yummy, and buttery soft. SO good. And, of course, TARDIS's. :D

  4. lol, okay, I love your little Tardis comment below :) I am a few episodes behind this season and now I'm really feeling the need for some Doctor :) Also, really wish I could do that move!

    1. Yes. I love Doctor Who. Quite an awful lot, actually.

      Man, Parkour looks amazing, doesn't it? I want to do it so badly!

  5. There are TARDIS' all over...

    Jack and I saw Rise of the Guardians at a small theatre in her town, but it is out now because it is coming to a thing she calls DVD. But we might get to go and see The Hobbit tomorrow at the same place since it will be there.

    I haven't seen the other Star Trek captains but I think I will like Kirk best even if I see them.

    Dick Van Dyke is funny, but he was grumpy in The Avengers. Maybe he was mad he couldn't be an avenger. He should have been one...


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