Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Habemus Papam! And smaller things of note.

I noticed, while pinning my newest Etsy item to Pinterest, that we now know who our new Pope is! Pope Francis I. May God shower blessings down on him. :)

Now here are the pictures I promised to post last week.

I haz created a NEW item for my Etsy Shop! Since I like to have a little of something of everything in there, (and since my two Phantom of the Opera items sold so fast) I present to you...


TA DA!!!

A very lovely (if I do say so myself) Phantom of the Opera necklace. I glazed it quite heavily to give it a nice, smooth finish, and the glaze brought out the subtle tints of gold I'd added into the stem. It made it look almost metallic. Really cool!

Also, since I said I'd show these to you as well, here are the cute wee boxes I've made for my items. First, here's a shot of a largish box made to fit a "Ladybug Bloom" inside it, and a blue box for my Doctor Who Jewelry Box. (You can see the picture of the item on the side. Isn't that COOL?!)

Then a couple shots of the Ladybug Bloom box. Isn't it purty? It's nice and big and flat, just the right custom-made design for my pretty blooms. :)

Last, ALL the boxes! Right now I've only got six done, because I ran out of ink. Yes, my friends. Ink. The magenta ink, specifically. I mean, WHAT?! Oh well. I was ready for a break, anyhoozle. Those things are tedious. Seriously, I have to size the box. Then, I have to decide what kind of a design I want to fill it with. Then I have to make sure I have my logo on top, and an item picture on the side or the bottom, wherever it fits. Then I print it out, cut it out, fold, glue, and package. It takes awhile. But, the result is worth it! Don't you think?

Anyway, that's really all I have to share today. I must away and do some writing now.

Oh yes, and scan something into my computer for my sister. I promised, forgotted, promised again like ten minutes ago, and nearly forgotted again! She waved it in my face. Like this: *wavewavewave* So I shall do that now. Before I forget thrice.

Habemus Papam!! Here's praying that Pope Francis I is a strong, holy, and traditional Pope. God bless him!

Right ho! God bless, and have a lovely Wednesday!



  1. Beautiful stuff, Cat! You are so creative =)

  2. That necklace is beautiful, Cat. You really do make awesome suff with your clay. :D And those boxes are just perfect.

    Yes, God Bless the new Pope and let's pray that he is a very GOOD Pope! :D

    1. I truly hope he is. He SEEMS good so far. Time will tell. :)

      And thanks. My Phantom things sold so fast, I felt like I really needed to get another one in there. :)

  3. Cat,
    I really enjoy viewing and even attempting all the wonderful types of art you display on this blog. you are a very talented artist of so many mediums.

  4. Love the boxes, Cat! I'm a decorative box junkie. I don't make them but buy them. They are so pretty as well as useful! Hey, can you make a box with the cover of a book on it? Email me at if it's something you might be able to do.

    1. Oooh, glad you like the boxes! I'll definitely email you. I may be able to do something for you. :)


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