Thursday, March 28, 2013

Poems before Easter

Once upon a time, a child was born. He was fair and beautiful, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He came so secretly, born in a stable, in the most humble circumstances. No one knew who He was, what he came for. His little Mother knew. His Father in heaven knew. For us, they gave the Son, our Holy One, our Redeemer.

Our Jesus.

A Haiku

He was born to die.
He died - to ransom a world.
How can we repay?

Christ Child

In secret he grew, and became a man. For three years he preached and worked miracles. Then, on a Sunday, he rode into Jerusalem upon the back of the donkey, amid Hosannas from the people, and cries of praise. Four days later, the love of the people had turned to hate. They turned on Him, delivered Him up to His death. For this, He had come into the world. For this, He had been born. Because He loved much.

A Shadorma

"No! Not Him!
Give us Barrabas!"
The crowd roars,
and the Innocent Lover
is condemned to death.

Release Barrabas!

Oh sorrowful moment, when God Himself is rejected, and a murderer is chosen in His stead. Now waits the cross, the death, and our salvation. Now, God goes to die.

A Diamante

Sprouting, growing.
Majestic, lordly, beautiful.
Roots, forest, woodsmen, axe.
Hewn, destroyed, remade.
Dying, waiting - 

Hail, Holy Cross!

Arms outspread, encompassing the world in his embrace, Christ our God and mightiest Hero hangs upon the cross, suffering much that we might be with Him one day. His blood, precious bounty of redemption, pearls upon his body like rubies. Only more precious. Each drop more ransom than any jewel could ever be.

A Villanelle

He came to save, He came to die -
His Sacrifice encompassed all
beneath the shadows of the sky.

Men mock and jeer with jaundiced eye -
their bitter hearts do not recall
He came to save, He came to die.

"Behold Thy Son." Who will reply?
His blood, as drops of payment fall,
beneath the shadows of the sky.

The Magdalen is standing nigh -
His Mother gazes, strong and small.
He came to save, He came to die.

In pain he hangs - the wind keens by,
they offer vinegar and gall.
beneath the shadows of the sky.

At last it comes! He gives a cry!
His blood is spent - He's given all.
He came to save, He came to die,
beneath the shadows of the sky.

It is consummated.

The death has been suffered. All He lived for has been accomplished. The resignation of Holy Thursday, the suffering of Good Friday, the sorrow and loss of Holy Saturday has been fulfilled. At the end, the rising sun, the dawning of resurrection. The accomplishment. Our salvation, wrought in Creator's hands, bought by the blood shed by that same sacrificing Creator.

There can be no glory without the cross, no joy without the sorrow, no gain without suffering. There can be no life...

Without God.

A Diamante

preparatory, penitential,
Sacrificing, depriving, mortifying.
Days, hours, minutes, moments.
Dawning, conquering, resurrecting.
Glory, Triumph,

He is risen, as He said.

God bless!



  1. Beautiful post, Kat. I loved the poems, and I am so glad you posted The Gift of a Tree. I was almost going to do that, but opted for the Lamb of God Carol instead. One more day til Easter!

    1. Thanks, Mar. Yes, I love The Gift of A Tree. And it feels very Easter to me rather than Christmas. I suppose it could be both, but it FEELS more Easter. :)

      Happy Easter!

  2. aaaaaaaaaah. those poems are so pretteh. :) And the gift of the tree.... *sob*

    Happy Easter!

    1. I LOVE the Gift Of A Tree. Such a pretty song, and so sad. I end up crying like a fool around the middle, when they choose "that tree" and cut it down, and sledge it away. Sniffle

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Allyn! These were all written last year, I believe, or the year before, for April P.A.D.

  4. You and your sisters always find the best poems. I think this is one of the reasons I stalk your blogs so much, that and you are all brilliant and sweet and I love your posts.

    How was your Easter? Did you have a nice time?

    No, none of the Psych quotes I have used are from season seven yet, I cannot watch them because Hulu has them locked for some reason. It better open up soon before they go on Hulu Plus or I shall be raiding someone's home to borrow their TV. I think...let's see. The ones lately have been right before Shawn and Jules told each other they love each other. I forget what season that was though, it all kind of blurred together during my marathon. *Smirk*

    1. Ah, thanks Jack!

      Our Easter was lovely, thanks for asking. :) It was GO'geous it was!

      I know that feeling, of not being able to remember which quote came from which episode of a show. I HATES it so much. I'll have to peruse da GOOGLE and figure it out. :)

  5. *Giggles* You're right, Lassie was more then sulking in that Psych. He was acting like a five-year-old who found out he couldn't go to the park and have a cookie. Lassie knows how to sulk.

    I am starting to think it is only Italians who know how to celebrate holidays the right way. (With lots and lots of good food.)

    1. Yes, lots of good food, and wine. For some reason, wine and food are very cheering.

      We've been going back and watching some of the old Psychs. I forgot how DEMONSTRATIVE Shawn was during a "vision." I like that, as he gets older and *hopefully* more mature, his psychic visions tone down a bit so it ends up being more just a touch to his forehead instead of the crazy, flopping-like-a-fish-on-a-reel motions. LOL


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