Saturday, February 23, 2013

Six-Sentence Saturday 02/23/2013

Hilloo, my crazy happy friends of the internets! I haz been having a busy time. How can one not really have a job and still feel like one has no time?

Anyhoozle, I got my first custom order request at Etsy for a Phantom of the Opera box. How neat is that? I'm going to post a picture of it in my Shoppe tomorrow, but it shan't be there long. I feel quite awesome about that.

Right, now for the sentences.

1.) My little nieces are as obsessed with Doctor Who as I am.

2.) They sing the theme song tunelessly, and chant "Doctah Who! Doctah Who!"

3.) One of my nieces drew marker lines on herself and forgot about it, and when we pointed them out to her later and asked where she got those she freaked out and said, "I don't remember. Maybe it was the Silence!" One of my sisters washed it off and said, "No, Chloe, it wasn't the Silence," and Chloe said, all tearfully, "You don't remember either!" *

4.) I super super SUPER want this fob watch!!

5.) Phantom of the Opera masks are hard to make.

6.) The Kyrie of Mass XI, the Orbis Factor, is quite easy to memorize, but the rest of the Mass is really hard.

(Here's a sample, if you want to take a listen:

That's all for now!!! Until next time, God bless!


*A note about the Silence. They are a particularly creepy kind of baddie on Doctor Who. One of their special attributes is their ability to erase your memory of them the instant you aren't looking at them. That's the reason why Chloe's remark about "You not remembering either!" is so funny, because no one can remember the Silence.



    I like you POTO masks, they're cool.

  2. HURRAY on your sale!!!

    Someday i want to marker my friend's arm while she sleeps so I can freak her out. Evil of me, but worth it.

    1. Thanks!

      LOL, I KNOW! The other thing I'd like to do is buy an angel statue, put it in the garden, and move it a little closer to the house day by day. That ought to freak the unsuspecting out!

  3. Congrats on your sale!

    I have never seen Dr. Who! I guess I should check it out. :)

    1. Thanks! I love making Doctor Who things, because I'm a bit wild about Doctor Eleven right now. Just a little, mind. :)


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