Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Find This Hilarious - And A Blog Giveaway!!!

So, I guess I know what's popular in my shop!

Phantom of the Opera things.

That's what's popular.

This is how I acted when I discovered my Phantom of the Opera necklace - which I made last week, and posted yesterday - already sold.

I can't seem to get them Phantom things to stick around! It's so funny. The last three items sold amazingly quickly, and I'm super glad, but wow! People must really love the masks. :) This time was really cool, because this time I know the buyer. (Winkety) I'll get that sent out to you as soon as I can!

Thank you, all my lovely buyers, and stay tuned! As soon as possible, I shall supply you all with another Phantom of the Opera inspired creation!

On another note, there is a fabulous, fabulous, FABULOUS Sherlock giveaway currently going on over at The Golden Road. If you are in any way addicted to Sherlock, head over there NOW! This giveaway will only last another four days, so you'll have to be quick if you want to enter!

Go now! You will LOVE what's being offered!

And that's my quick blog for today. Laugh with me my friends. And pull out the white clay. We're going to need another mask.


  1. The Phantom does seem well loved. I like the story so long as I have someone to watch it with, and I love the dresses!

    Moriarty would make the party creepy...aye, especially if he did start his up and down speech. "The scones will BURN...if you don't take it out of the oven."
    "I will CUT you...a piece of cake if you want."
    "Do you like my new shoes?" And if he said that I'd move a few seats down.

    We shall have to have a round table so everyone can sit...well, at least in view of all the characters. Except Moriarty.

    Aye, green is good. I like it as well, very Rangerish.

    1. Okay, THAT Would be creepy. Moriarty doing any of his loud-soft speeches gives me the eeries down my spine! And if he handed me an apple, I'd be checking to make sure there was no IOU cut into it!

      A very round table. We'll be like the Knights. And Moriarty would get to sit in the corner. Away from the merriment. We don't like him that much. :)

      Yes, the Phantom. That was the first musical I ever heard, and the moment I heard Sarah Brightman's voice alongside Michael Crawford, I was hooked. That is my first and favourite musical. After, for sheer musicality, probably The Secret Garden (with Mandy Patinkin, Daisy Eagan, John Cameron Mitchell, and Rebecca Luker), Tale of Two Cities (with James Barbour!!), Jekyll and Hyde (with Anthony Warlow!!!) and Jane Eyre (also with James Barbour!!). After that, Les Miserables. :)

    2. When I first saw Moriarty I kept thinking, "Why did they cast him? He's not creepy. He's just this tiny little man who looks sweet, like he'd be your best friend." And then he did his sudden shout and all his sweetness vanished and I hid under my covers and went, "HE'S TOO CREEPY!"

      Aye, Moriarty gets the corner, and no apples.

      The Jane Eyre, is that the one with Georigiana Henley as the young Jane?

      As for the snippets I used, it is from one book I've written - the Loyalty book I am editing right now but it is complete. The other wait. Abolished Impracticality is written I am just re-writing it, The Broken Blade though is being written.

      Oh! You own my book?! That made me grin. I hope you enjoy it!

    3. Actually, it was the Jane Eyre musical. The Georgie Henley one looks good, though! I want to see it. Is it good? Have you seen it?

      Yes, we own your book! I just found out about it myself. LOL

  2. What the heck is a TARDIS comment box? Of course I want to know what that is--anyway, thanks for stopping by and sharing a wee bit of St. Patty's day cheer. Don't you post a picture of the necklace? We'd like to see it! Okay, I've gone on long enough my friend. Blessings.

    1. A TARDIS box! You know, bigger on the inside? (Have you seen Doctor Who?!)

      I have posted the necklace, which sold within 24 hours. Craziness. However, I can post you a link to my post where I shared pictures. :) It was a bootiful necklace. :)

  3. Okay, I figured it out and now I'm in love with the turtle with glasses!

    1. Yes, so were my sisters. They were trying to stop me from posting him for sale!!

  4. Phantom of the Opera is awesome! I can see why you sell those items so quickly.

    1. They certainly did! I had someone contact me for a custom box, then after I made and sold that one, the other box in my shop sold, and the day after I posted the necklace, it sold! Craziness. I have an idea for another item. I just wasn't into making the mask. It takes awhile to make it look good. :)


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