Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tags, Blog Awards, and Phantom of the Opera

Since I live with my sisters, when I get tagged I don't always get notified in my blog. However, two of my sisters said they tagged me for the Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award, and since I liked Amanda's questions better, I did her tag. (Also, since I've been tagged for this award before, I made up my own new one. Nominees are going to get the World Of Dreamers Blog Award :)

First, before we get onto the whole question thingie, there is a new item in my Etsy Shoppe, Cat In The Corner. Look. Isn't it purty?

I made that mask all by myself! It's a loverly Phantom of the Opera trinket box. I had to actually make an entire face, then cut out the mask part that I wanted to keep. It was a bit of an ordeal, but there you go. It looks rather nice. I apologize for the hand shot. For some reason, all my pictures kept rotating, so none of them were upright. What's with that?!

So, that's what's new in the Shoppe. :)

Now, for the tagging thing.

*Acknowledge the person who passed the award to you and provide their link. (Thank you, Panda! And Teresa, but Panda's questions are the ones I'm answering.)
*Include the award logo on your blog. (I'm going to post the one I made, and that's the one I'm giving away to people I tag.)
*Answer the ten questions posted below. (Okay!)
*Make up your own ten questions for the next people. (Mwahahaha. However, I'm only going to do six, and then my "nominees" can come up with four random facts.)
*Nominate blogs and link those you have especially enjoyed reading. The number you can select is up to you. (Sounds good!)
*Notify each individual that you have nominated them. (Will do!)

Here's the Award:

And now here are Amanda's questions:

1.) Rain or Snow?
Rain. Definitely, rain. I do not LIKE snow. I have tried. I like the snow right before Christmas. After that, please. Go away.

2.) If your friend asked you to go bungee jumping with them, would you?
After a bit of dithering and indecision, probably yes.

3.) If you were a criminal, what sort of criminal would you be the most likey to be? (Thief? Con-man?)
Okay. Hmmm. Let me think. Probably thief. I'd like to be a thief. All in black, jumping off buildings, breaking sleekly into buildings, feeling very Parker-ish...

4.) Airplane or train?
Oooh, tricksy! I love both of these. However, probably train, because the security isn't so insane to get through.

Coolest train EVER!!

5.) Have you ever broken a limb?
No. I will admit, I'm interested to know what it feels like to break a rib, but that's only because I'm a writer. I'm interested in a purely intellectual way. *Winkety winkety*

6.) Where you a tomboy or more of a girly-girl?
Um. I think I was in-between. I liked doing dangerous things, but I also was acutely aware of how I presented to people. I liked knowing I could climb the fence like a thief, or burrow beneath it like an escaping prisoner, but I also liked to look NICE when I was out in public.

7.) If you had to pick your weapon of choice, would it be a sword, bow and arrows, or daggers?
I LURVE bow and arrows, but I'd love to try out the double-dagger fighting technique. Very Lee Christmas.

8.) Do you prefer long hair or short?
Long. You can do so much more with long hair.

9.) Do you have a historical hero? If so, who? If not, why NOT!!??
How far back in history are we going? I'm quite fond of William Wallace, which could be because of the trip I took to Scotland in April of 2011. I also quite love Jimmy James.

10.) What's your favorite time-frame in history?
I know the NOW is more convenient, but I have a fascination with the medieval time frame. I love that. Don't know why. It's probably the swords. :)

Okay, now for those of you I tag, you are the recipients of the World of Dreamers Blog Award. Here are your SIX questions!!!

1.) What sort of a book would you describe yourself to be? (i.e., are you a fantasy, historical fiction, dystopian, etc?)
2.) What would be likelier to do? Order a coffee with a British accent, or pretend to be deaf when someone talks to you?
3.) A total stranger comes up to you. Do you (a.) react instantly and punch him in the face before he has a chance to introduce himself? (b.) step back and wait to see if he is hostile before punching? or (c.) go all coward and run away, screaming like a banshee?
4.) Would you prefer to be sick with the stomach 'flu or a shockingly bad case of strep throat?
5.) If YOU could be a superhero, what type would you like to be?
6.) Someone yells "Obey!" What's the first thing you think of?

Now you get to mention four random facts about yourself! Please, make them VERY random. Peculiar is good. :D

For this Award, I'm tagging:
Pure Grace
Miss Jack Lewis
And, if they want to do another Tag:
and Amanda


  1. Hey! Thanks for the tag! ^_^ terribly sweet of you. I haven't decided yet if I'll do it. I really like your questions though. lol.
    Your answers to 3 and 6 are my favorites. especially 6. lol. It reminded me of myself.
    cute post!

    1. Yeah, I was always a bit of a miss priss when out in public. With my sisters, though, I could be a wee devil.

  2. Replies
    1. I THOUGHT you'd like that, Kelly. :) It was a blast to make. The mask took the longest, in fact. Isn't that something?

  3. Thanks for the tag!

    Oh, Jimmy James is such a good choice for a hero! He and Mad Jack Churchill are my two favourite *modern* historical people.

    Your wee little clay things get better all the time. This one is lovely.

  4. That's a really cool trinket box, Cat! Your answers are so fun to read. I'd think you're the girly-girl with a tinge of tomboyish spirit, too. :)

    1. It is, so far, one of my favourite boxes I've made.

  5. That might have been my problem when I first watched Psych. I wasn't in the mood to be amused. When I started watching them for real I was. I guess that is something to keep in mind. If one wishes to bawl ones eyes out, BBC is a good place to start. If one doesn't wish to cry...wait, no clue where I was going with this.

    Anyhow, Psych has fast become one of my favourite shows. (Which is saying a lot. I don't like many American shows.) I've actually almost finished season two, in about one night.

    Gus has been getting better, but I agree, there is something about Shawn that makes him a favourite. I think it might be his complexity.

    Thanks for the tag! I have it ready to go up next week, it was a lot of fun!

    1. Aw, cool! I shall pop over there and read it. :)

  6. I loved how you answered the questions, Cat. *Smile* So if I asked you to go bungee jumping with me you would? Sweet! *Adds bungee jumping to bucket list.* lol.

    The Phantom of the Opera box is very impressive. :D


    1. I think I would. In a freaked out, eyes closed, do-or-die kind of way.

      Maybe not die.

      I'd rather not the die part, actually.

      But yes. Probably.

      If you asked nicely.

  7. thanks for the tag. But it might be a little while before I do it. Okay? :D





    It IS bigger on the inside :)

    1. Amazing, isn't it? I LOVE mah TARDIS comment box!

  8. Very fun questions and answers! And what a cool trinket box. I love Phantom of the Opera!

    1. The Phantom box appears to be quite popular! I'm pleased with it. I love the black and gold. That turned out well.

  9. Awww! I love the phantom box, sooooo much!! WOW!!!

    I LOVE your questions! It might be a while before I do it, just cause I want to do some real posts on my blog first... I haven't been on blogger for a while... :( Thanks!

    1. Thank you! I loved the Phantom box too. It turned out SO PURTY!!!

      I'm glad you liked the questions. I wanted them to be fun. And no worries! Do them whenever you want to. See you around. :)

  10. Another Dr Who, Sherlock and Phantom of the Opera fan! we have a lot in common! :D nice to meet you

    1. Nice to meet you, too! I'm going to check out your blog. I love Aussies. :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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