Monday, February 4, 2013

New Etsy Items!! aaaaand a Josh CD. :)

I have added three more items to my Etsy Shoppe.

There's a little something for everyone there.

First, meet Braddock the Turtle. (His name was inspired by my sister, who reminded me about James J. Braddock, the boxer in Cinderella Man, who told his children he hoped to win the TITLE, and they misheard and thought he said TURTLE.) Braddock is a cute li'l guy who just wants to steal his way into your heart, spectacles and all!

Then, for all you Doctor Who fans out there (and I KNOW you're out there... I've seen your blogs, remember?!) there is this super duper little box that gives a nod to Doctors Nine, Ten, and Eleven. This box features a banana (Doctor Nine), a converse sneaker (Doctor Ten), and a fez (Doctor Eleven). This one is most definitely COOL!

Last, if you're that flowery kind of person, I have a new Ladybug Bloom for sale. This one is certainly purty, and has an extra layer of petals, which was a bold and daring move on my part! But I think it's lovely, with that blue, yellow, and red all nestled together. And the ladybug on the blue petal makes it all the more better, don't you think?

So, that's what's new in my shoppe! On other news, I got THIS in the mail today!

Since I am a member of that illustrious fan club, Friends Of Josh Groban (FoJG) I pre-ordered this CD, and it came TODAY!!! I am so excited. I love it already. :) There are a couple songs on there that are to DIE for. "Brave" and "I Believe (when I fall in love, it will be forever)" are my fav'rites, so far.

I think that's all the news from me today. Until next time, I shall bid youse all farewell!

God bless, everyone. (Look, no Doctor Who gifs this time. Can you believe it?! Yeah, me neither. Next time...;-)



  1. OH! I love your shoppe! So many wonderful things! Now I need money which I don't have to spend on rent. I've my eyes sent on certain Doctor Who items...

    OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have his CD!!!!This means it will be out in stores soon...tomorrow? I have to check. *Happy dances*

    1. I love the Doctor Who things. The little box was so much fun to make. I even loved the banana!! I've got other ideas for things to make. The real trick is finding the time. I'm thinking Saturdays...

      Oh. My. Gosh. His voice is amazing. I utterly LOVE this CD! Yes, it should be out tomorrow. I'm so thrilled!

  2. No way! You MADE those? :O
    You have some serious talent there.....
    Well, hate to say it, but I'm a new follower, and I'll be stalking around your blog a bit if you don't mind :)

    1. Oh, I absolutely LOVE new followers! By all mean, do stalk. :)

      Yes, I made those. The Doctor Who one is a particular favourite of mine. I think it's the Converse. It took so long to make it, and it turned out so cutely, don't you think?

  3. I'm seriously in awe of you, Kat. These are amazing.


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