Saturday, January 19, 2013

Six-Sentence Saturday 01/19/2013

It has been a WHILE since I've done this, haven't I? Apologies, but oh well. Here we go! Be warned, it's going to be an odd post, because of the things I've started to be interested in. This ought to be interesting! :)

1.) Suddenly, I'm a Whovian... mostly because of THIS Doctor:

2.) I've also been on a LEVERAGE high, and a WHITE COLLAR high. I so love Eliot Spencer from Leverage, and I I freakin' LOVE Agent Peter Burke on White Collar, though Neal Caffrey is pretty cool, too.
Eliot Spencer

(Peter is the guy on the left, with the official FBI badge. Neal is the guy with the star)

3.) I am not enjoying any of the YA books I've been reading. (Sorrows)

4.) I made four pairs of TARDIS earrings for a family at my church, who are ALSO into Doctor Who. They are cute earrings too, if I do say so myself.

5.) I did a total fangirl thing and bought a Thorin keychain at Barnes and Noble last week!

6.) I also bought the Doctor Who soundtrack and the Hobbit soundtrack when I went to Barnes and Noble. They are AWESOME!!!

That's all I've got for today, except I really love this song from Doctor Who, and this song from the Hobbit. (I just wish the Hobbit Song went on a little longer.) 

Enjoy! God bless!! Have a great weekend. :)


  1. You are so funny Kat. The Doctor is like "Trust me, I have no idea what I'm doing!!"

    Did we not tell you that Doctor Who was Fantastic?? Isn't being a Whovian cool *Grin*

    HOOT to the soundtracks :) and guess what? Thorin's key? :-O

    God Bless

    1. I enjoy being a Whovian. It makes me feel special.

      And yes. Thorin's Erebor key is QUITE Hoot-worthy! :)

  2. All my fav show's!
    I love a winters day when you and your best people can sit and watch a whole season of a show!

    1. I basically did. I was watching two to three (to four, some nights!) episodes of the Eleventh Doctor, until I finished his season. Then I went backward and started with Nine, and watched them properly through until I got back to Eleven, and watched Series Six. Now, I want to see Series Seven, even though I KNOW the Ponds are going to leave. Sorrows!

  3. Good stuff! I keep meaning to dive into the Dr. Who series on Netflix streaming; maybe one of these days I'll give it another go.

  4. 11 is one of those Doctor regenterations you cannot help but love. He is such fun, and so quirky. Not nearly as serious as the others.

    I was at Barnes and Nobel yesterday and saw a TARDIS and almost bought it, even though I hadn't any money. I might have to go back when I have some.

    Thank you for the idea of breaking up the summery! I hadn't thought of that, but it would make things a lot clearer.

    I do, mostly write Steampunk. This was my first Steampunk series and I rather because overly fond of it while writing it. I like to do midievel type books - I suppose fantasy to an extent. But even these have Steampunk elements in them now. Such as The Broken Blade. (Agreed about the gadgets! I've always loved gears and such, so getting to make up things that run on gears and steam is a dream come true.)

    1. I love TARDIS stuff! I made a clay TARDIS for my sister for Christmas, but it took so long I need a long break between making another one.

      Steampunk is a FUN genre. I prefer Fantasy, just because I love the challenge of making worlds, but Steampunk is fun because you basically take THIS world, make it a bit askew, and add fun gadgets.

  5. I'm not going to ask what you're reading, but boo. That's sad.

    1. Yeah, it is sad. I'll just go and check out more books. Gives me a good excuse to go back to the library! :D

  6. Aye, the movie of Howl's castle is very good, if one just starts off thinking it will be different. It keeps with the basic idea of the book, but the author and director said it would have been too complex to make the movie just like the book. (I guess I can kind of see that with all the loose ends which were tied up so lovely at the end.) Still, it is a fun movie, and it has a Steampunk, magical feel to it which was fun.

    1. If it's Steampunk-esque, that does sound fun. Thanks!


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