Monday, January 14, 2013

HOOT HOOT! Hullo There. :)

It's Monday.

Sometimes I look at Monday with fondness.

Other days, I look at it in supreme horror.

Today, I think I'm looking at it with confidence and contentment.

After all, some of my best mates are off work today ("mates" here meaning "sisters), and we are going to jaunt around Reno having fun and stopping at bookstores and clothing stores, looking for boots and TV shows. Fun, right?

You betcha!! We're going to scream down the hill, singing songs loudly and whizzing into stores with supreme confidence, speaking in British accents and lawfing when people look at us funny.

Okay, maybe not laughing quite THAT emphatically, but still....

When we get back home I'm going to work on some drawings, write some stories, browse Pinterest for hours, watch YouTube videos of the Piano Guys and Josh Groban, and read. Later, I may watch a TV show. Right now, I'm sort of into White Collar, (except I did not like the second episode in Season Three and am eyeing the rest of the season dubiously. I hope they don't continue going down THAT road.)

I'm also into British fillums, so I may tune into Merlin and start watching that season.
See, I've finished all of Doctor Who, from Eccleston to Smith (except for the special when Tennant regenerates into Smith. Who thought it would be a good idea to have the regeneration on a SPECIAL, instead of actually ending his season WITH that?!?!? LAME!) and I haven't seen any of Season 7 with Matt Smith. I'm terrified of the moment when he's going to lose the Ponds, and get Clara instead. I've seen positive comments about Clara, but... but... but... she's not RORY and AMY POND! I don't like her, and I haven't even seen her. How judgemental is that? Anyway, so I've finished all Doctor Who, and I'm desperately needing MORE BBC. I just really love British accents. Muchly.

So, I want to watch Merlin, and there's this two-part series called Neverland that looks really, really good too.

So, that's my agenda for today. What's on your mind?

Until next time, have a lovely day, week, month, year! God bless.



  1. Going out... having fun.... without me. *sigh* rude.

    Haha! Just kidding. You make me laugh, Kit.

    And okay, you're not allowed to laugh like Loki. Ever. At least not that particular laugh. This one's good. :D

    Two words. Doctor Who.

    That is all.

    1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE that gif of Tom Hiddleston! I started laughing because he is so cute!

      Yes, DOCTOR WHO!!! I loves it, so much. :)

  2. agh! :D This post made my day. You're Treskie's sister, I'm assuming. ^_^ I saw your comment on her blog and came to see your bloggy!
    I love it already. 'course, putting up pictures of my Doctors and Sherlock instantly made me like this blog. ;) Plus, the fact that you and your sisters whiz into stores with supreme confidence and speak with British accents. 'cuz those are two of my favorite things to do. :D
    theeen, I was like. "I shall comment." and opened the comment box and you pointed out how sad and lonely it was and I couldn't agree more! Now I'll leave you a big fat comment and receive a warm, fuzzy feeling in return. :D

    P.S. Your newest follower here...
    P.P.S. My blog link if you wanna check it out!

    1. Oh, hello there! I'm so glad you came over to join my blog. That was quite kind of you. :)

      Whee, it's fun finding someone else who's into Doctor Who and Sherlock. Those are currently two of my favourite TV shows. :) And your whole post on how you felt while watching Reichenbach Falls was so apt. I felt the exact same way!

      Nice to meet you. :D

  3. I'm also having lots of fun with Sherlock, and caught two episodes of Doctor Who when BBC aired free during the X'mas and New Year stretch. Glad you're having fun, Cat. Enjoy your book shopping and all!

    1. Ooh, hope you enjoy Sherlock. One of the best adaptions I've ever seen, and the update to the current date was surprisingly well done.

  4. It's my release day! I'm going to be smiling and tweeting all day long. :D

    1. CONGRATULATIONS! That's got to be WAY exciting! :D

  5. Oh man, you made me think of Sherlock. Going through Sherlock withdrawal. Have to know what happens next.

    Though really looking forward to seeing him in Star Trek as a baddy.

    1. I totally love Sherlock. He is one of my favourite BBC characters. And YES! I was not interested at all in seeing the new Star Trek. But when we were watching The Hobbit, that Star Trek was a preview before The Hobbit, and when we saw SHERLOCK in there as the bad guy, we all made this awful gasping sound, and now I want to watch the Star Trek movie. :D

  6. I hope to watch Neverland someday soon. Peter Pan...BBC. Can't get much better then that.

    I'm like you. I decided the moment I saw Clara I didn't like her, and I still don't even though I've yet to meet her well. Though I have mixed feelings about series seven...she's still no Pond! (Though I do have a theory about her.)

    I think once I finish Merlin I might have to try Robin Hood again. I wasn't crazy about it when I first saw it, then when I learned how it ended I got discouraged. But, it is BBC, and I shall need something to console me after Merlin. Also, it has Thornton in it and that fact makes it worth watching.

    Aye, Merlin's name in Midnight was Jethro. My friend and I think he should have been a companion. I think he and Donna and the Doctor would have been a good mix. Then we could have had a longer chance to sinker at the wizard's black nail polish. And then BBC could have really tormented us by sending them all back to visit Camelot. I think I need to go pester Moffat now and get him to do this...

    1. That would be brilliant! He was such a funny little geek in Midnight, he was not Merlin-cool at ALL. Though, I liked that he stood up for the Doctor, until the very end when he gave into peer pressure and was helping his parents to throw the Doctor off the vehicle. Oh well, he was still mostly decent. :)

      I love Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisbourne in BBC Robin Hood. I'm not a wild Robin Hood fan, so I enjoyed the cheesy dialogue, and the "skewed" facts. And, of course, I'm wild about Guy! LOL. With a face like that, HOW can he be cast as the villain?! What was BBC thinking?!?!

      Have you heard of the TV show LEVERAGE? It's one of those annoying shows you can't get on Netflix, but I believe people have mentioned Hulu. I think you'd enjoy that show a lot. It's one of my faves, even though it's NOT BBC. :)

  7. I know how you feel about Clara - she's cute, she looks sweet and people keep saying she is very good. But she Isn't the PONDS :'(

    I've told you - Merlin is AMAZING! Maybe he can return as a companion - the great great great great great grandfather of future Jethro. LOL. Matt isn't done yet. We still have time for a new companion. It would be two though, cause Matt has Clara. or is Clara now done and the same actress is playing a new character? Either way it would be Merlin and someone. Yeah? Yeah :)

    God Bless

    1. She really probably is quite cool. She's just not Amy and Rory Pond. That's all.

      And yes, I will make my way through Merlin, too. What am I going to do when I've finished with all these BBC TV shows?!?!

    2. She'll be like Martha "I like her, she's good But she isn't Rose." except this time it will be; "She's good and sweet, I like her enough.... she just is NOT Amy and Rory."

      I dunno what will happen. But you aren't allowed to watch Merlin without me.... *pause* Okay, let me rephrase that;

      Please don't watch Merlin without me. I promise I wont fan girl. (Or I'll try very hard to be quiet) PLEASE

      God bless


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