Saturday, July 23, 2011

Six-Sentence Saturday

1.) I love swimming, because when I swim it's almost as though I can forget that the world is around me, and lose myself in my thoughts.

2.) I have the hardest time limiting myself to short stories, because most of the time my ideas are too "large" to restrict them to 5000 words or less.

3. Yesterday was the feast of St. Mary Magdalen, one of my more favourite saints in the world because she came all the way from being the greatest sinner in the world to one of Christ's most beloved followers.

4.) I adore drawing with charcoal more than with just regular pencils, because I can get contrasts down on paper so much better than I can with just a 2B pencil... or HB. :)

5.) I cannot write to music with lyrics, unless it's playing softly in the background, but I can (and LOVE) writing to soundtracks and "nature sound" instrumental music.

6.) I would love to learn to dance WELL, especially the nice ballroom kind of dancing, and waltzes... especially waltzes.

I hope to see you later! For now, enjoy this perfectly lovely song of Susan Boyle's. I like this version better than the original. But that's just me. :-)


  1. Nice post. My dad taught me to waltz. I sure miss him and wish he was around to waltz with. No one waltzes anymore. I have that Susan Boyle CD in my car and I love swimming too. When I'm on length 60 I start hallucinating and pretending I'm in the Caribbean ocean.:)

  2. 1. I have a partial fear of water.
    2. My Book Expo was Saturday and I was exhausted by the end of the day.
    3. I'm wondering how I'm going to run in a few minutes--still tired.
    4. I need to work on my YA manuscript.
    5. I have to revise two short stories.
    6. I'm wondering how I'm going to get through the day without a nap.

  3. That's a nice version, Cat. I'm a big fan of the Stones, though, so I can't say I like it better. ;)

    What's the difference between 2B and HB pencil? Or what are they, period?) I'm not a "drawer." Not that I'm not artistic, it just doesn't come out when I draw.

    I'd love to learn to dance, too. My friend and I were going to take free classes this spring, but they didn't pan out. Maybe it'll work out this fall. Hope it does for you, too!

  4. 1. I love to sing at church because there are so many voices around me that I can't hear myself.
    2. I get "obsessed" with certain foods. (I've been stuck on maple flavored oatmeal for a couple of years now.)
    3. I live near the ocean but I haven't been swimming yet this summer.
    4. I have a hard time writing anything longer than a short story. I like to wrap things up in about 1,000 words or less.
    5. I love music but I can't listen while I'm trying to write - maybe I should try instrumentals.
    6. I love watching other people dance, though I'm too self conscious to dance myself.

  5. I love traveling, teaching, painting, writing, dancing, talking and hanging out with good friends.

  6. Desert, LOL. I love ya!

    Kelly, hope you get rested up! You sound crazy busy... STILL!! :)

    Ellen, here y'are. This is the difference between 2B and HB.

    Luv, all your six things seem to be exactly things I'd say, except for one and four. I just love to sing, even though it's hard for me to do it in front of a crowd. I'm obsessed right now with tapatio. I'm not sure why. I live near a lake and I've been swimming twice. I love instrumental music when I write, and I'm too self-conscious to dance in front of people. :)

    Catherine, I LOVE your comments! ME TOO, ME TOO!

  7. 1. I love early morning thunderstorms (had one today - 1st one in 3 weeks).
    2. I love summer fruit.
    3. I love the possibilities when starting a new project.
    4. I love riding my bike on country roads and stopping to hear the cornstalks rustling together.
    5. Zinnias are my favorite flower and they're taking over the garden.
    6. I could read all day if my house cleaned itself and my eyes wouldn't complain.

  8. 1. I'll be working on my picture book with my illustrator for the next month or so, before she flies off to UK for her Arts Degree.
    2. I'm on GoodReads, and have met friends who love Joyce Carol Oates and Ray Bradbury.
    3. I like grey mornings.
    4. I'll be tutoring a Korean kid who's come over to Singapore to study English, starting today.
    5. I'm working on a second picture book manuscript.
    6. Love a strong cup of coffee (with milk, no sugar) and a slice of chocolate cake.

  9. 1. I love hot, hot summer days.
    2. I love to wake before sunrise and grab that delicious YA novel.
    3. I love the smell of stargazer lilies on a humid evening.
    4. I love looking down and seeing I've surpassed my word count goal for the day by 100s of words.
    5. I love meeting fellow writers on Twitter or over at Verla Kay's
    6. I love giving away my favorite author's books (nudge, nudge--go enter to win Jo Knowles, PEARL:

  10. 1. Unlike you, Cat, I am having a really hard time writing anything with more than 1000 words! I don't think I have enough words in me.
    2. I absolutely love my dogs and can't get enough doggy kisses.
    3. Yankee candles are my favorite, especially the blueberry which they don't make anymore! Shucks!
    4. Mincemeat pie is my favorite kind, yey!
    5. I've been watching General Hospital for over 35 years!
    6. My dream is to live on the water. I could look at it forever.


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