Saturday, July 2, 2011

No longer sprummer!!

I love summer. It is by far my absolutely favourite season.

Sure, I love autumn when the trees seem to burn beneath their flaming-bright leaves, and I love spring when the green and growing earth begins to waken. Winter I like up until January 6th, and then I've looked forward to and celebrated all the best holidays that winter can offer, and I start looking forward to spring.

But summer is the best, to me.

There's swimming, for one thing. Who loves to swim? Raise your hand. Yep, me too. There's something about the cool green light within the lake and the utter tranquility that comes over you when you're swimming. I love lying beneath the waves, holding myself down on the golden sand, and listening to the heartbeat of the water. LOVE that.

There's also amateur soccer. Our little dog is a soccer fiend. We use him as the goalie, 'cause he's really good at blocking our goals. Wicked dog! LOL. I can be a tad aggressive when it comes to that sport, and my attitude, when one of the little girls falls down and makes a rumpus, is "Suck it up. Get up, walk it off, be tough! C'MON! No one CARES about your scuffed-up shins!"

There's badminton, too. Such fun! In fact, we spent quite a while outside today playing in teams of two, and there is an enormous feeling of satisfaction when you whack that little birdie into the sky. I have a particularly favourite technique that I employ when I'm feeling particularly competitive. My sisters call it the wasp, 'cause I whack the birdie in such a way that it comes whizzing down at a rough speed of 60-70 mph. Usually I'm quite good at sending it buzzing over my opponents shoulder, and I'll have to say the whistle it makes as it speeds past your ear is something else.

Oh, and there's also Camp NaNoWriMo. I know, right? I thought NaNoWriMo only ever occurred in November, but there's also a July NaNoWriMo being hosted. Since I'm not insane enough, I am participating in this crazy ordeal. Currently I'm on about 3600 words, and since there's an extra day in July (31 days instead of November's 30) there's a slightly lesser word count needed to be met each day. In November, average word count per day in order to reach the required 50,000 is about 1,667 words. In July, the average word count per day is about 1,613 words. Since this is the second day, and the amount I should be at is 3226, I'm quite pleased with my word count right now. Yay, camp!!

Well, that's all for now. Have a lovely Saturday! God bless.


  1. Cat, happy summer! I love fall and spring because I like in between weather, not hot, not cold. I think I need to live in NC where you have more of those temperatures. Oh well. Good luck with Camp NaNoWriMo! An extra day yay!

  2. I'm simply ecstatic that we're finally getting nice weather. Here, it doesn't often break 90, so our summers are absolutely perfect. After about 8-9 months of winter, I'm so glad for the warm. :)

  3. Yes, Happy summer! I just swam in the ocean for the first time this year.

  4. I like summer but for me Winter is my fav season. But enjoy your summer. I don't have a choice but to like summer a little because I have three kids. LOL

  5. Cat - Best with Camp N, I made it through this past November writing the end of my book. It's a rush (as you know) but there is something to be said for reaching the end. Hang in there and let us know if you need cheering on or camp visits to keep you going. I LOVE summer, especially if there is an island or beach retreat involved. After that, Fall is a close runner up.

  6. Catherine, lovely! Haven't had a chance yet to take a dive into the lake, 'cause the warm weather sort of arrived along with Fourth of July, and there are tourists EVERYWHERE!

    Dawn, tell your little kids hello! How hot do your summers usually get?

    Brenda, so far I'm on track with NaNo. I've just been sort of unmotivated, so summer NaNo was a great boost for me. And yes, I LOVE LOVE LOVE summer!

  7. Hi-
    I found you through Book Blogs and love your post about summer. I am a huge fan of swimming and can't resist a swim each day in my pool (which I refer to as the lagoon because it feels so magical surrounded by a variety of plants and shrubs).

    I look forward to stopping back. When you have a chance please check out the blog for my middle grade novel:

    Jess (Although my post may show up as Fairday, my main character. I have wires crossed somewhere and can't seem to straighten them out.)

  8. Hi Fairday Jess! Nice to meet you. I'll head over to your blog soon. Sounds lovely.


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