Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Don't Day

I have to admit, there are days when I feel like writing, and there are days when I don't.

Today was an "I don't" day.

I think it's just being so tired, and trying to shake the worst part of a cold that has me so 'blech' about writing right now. Instead, nothing sounds better than a book, a cup of coffee, and perhaps some music: Josh Groban's Illumination, maybe. Actually, I should probably listen to Hayley Westenra's "Scarborough Faire," or her "Lascia Chio Pianga", since I'll probably be singing both of those as solos for my singing class, and I need to practice.

Reading can recharge my mushy brain. Usually when I read, I can shut out the part of the world that's making me anxious. Actually, critiquing another writer's work also helps. No, I don't mean that nastily, either. I like to hone my critiquing skills, and see if I can help my fellow writer become a better writer by what I say. It's a good feeling, to contribute to another's hard work like that. It makes me feel needed, you know?

When you're just too tired to do any writing of your own, what do you do? Do you feel guilty about not writing? Me, I feel that EVERYONE needs a break sometime, even writers. Hey, other workers get weekends. Do writers also get a "weekend" off work?

Well, this writer does! Happy weekend!

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