Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The One Thing I HATE

I love writing. I love, love, love it. It's one of the things I do best. Some would say it's one of everything I do best, but I disagree. I admit, I'm a good writer, and a good singer, and a good artist, but I am NOT good at everything.

Anyhoo, there is one thing in writing that I hate most of all, and that's when I'm writing a story, and I get to this great part, and suddenly realise that the story has changed and I have no idea what I'm doing in this part of the tale anyway.

Don't you just hate that? Usually, that occurs when my characters take on lives of their own and rather peremptorily TELL me what's going to happen in the story, instead of me dictating to them what really is supposed to happen. I don't mind too much. I mean, it's nice when my characters answer the questions I put to them, such as, "Do you like Ramen noodles?" I love it when they answer me. But I hate it when they change the story on me, and I'm typing (or writing) away, and when I stop for a second to think, I realise I have no idea where the story is going from here.

That's probably the only thing I hate in writing. What about you? What's the one thing in your writing that you simply can't stand?


  1. I love when my characters tell me what they want to do! That's the best, Kat. Don't run from it. It means you characters have come alive. They know best what they should do.

    I hate that I'm a perfectionist and if something isn't working, I can't just move on and fix that part later. I don't ever have a first draft because I have to keep going back and revising things I've already written. In a way it's good because when I get to real revisions after the story is finished, I never cringe and think "Yuck, a monkey could've written this!" So the thing I hate is actually a blessing later. Weird, right?

  2. I can be wordy. I can get stuck using the same tags over and over. In my worry over whether I'm setting the stakes high enough, I tend to stuff the tale with too many fast-paced plot points. I double check for all of that now. And I also red my work aloud. Many, many glitches can be heard this way.

  3. I love that part! It's pure creation. The hard part is letting go and letting it happen. I think it's when writing becomes the most honest.

  4. Kelly, that last bit made me laugh!

    I think that's what the problem is. I'm a perfectionist, so when my character strays from my outline, suddenly I'm not in control anymore!

    Catherine, I try to read aloud. I get shy, even when I'm reading to an empty room. Odd, hey?

    Nikki, you're right. I have a HARD time letting go. I can't stand not being in control!

  5. I HAte that I struggle describing an action scene. I'll sit for hours in front of youtube watching car chases and accidents.

  6. I hate when I change tenses midstream.

  7. Shelly, I can completely relate with what you're saying. During my NaNo novel, I spent several hours looking up videos on youtube on how to get out of a pair of handcuffs.

    Oh, I can't stand it when I change tense, either! Isn't that the WORST?

  8. You ask your characters if they like Ramen Noodles??? Ooookay! :-) why didn't I think of that? I will have to start interrogating my characters a bit more! I have no idea if any of mine like ramen noodles!

  9. Mine don't. Leastways, none of the ones I've interrogated have admitted to liking them.

    Most of them like fish, though. Badger has a particular fondness for peanut butter.

  10. I hate it when I get a fantastic idea for a story, nurse the idea all day, until I get the chance to sit down and write it and..... nothing. If my life depended on it, I could not write a single sentence for you, good, bad or indifferent. I stare at the paper, or the computer screen, and.... nothing....


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