Saturday, January 22, 2011

How's Your Day Been?

So far, mine's been quite nice. Of course, it's almost over now, but it was a good day.

For one thing, I had a stellar moment with my Whisper Mansion novel, and have drafted a whole new outline that hopefully takes care of the holes I discovered in it earlier.

I bought eight new books from the library, all in fantastic condition and just BEGGING to be read.

I worked on a collaborative synopsis that I'm doing with a writing pal over at the Writer's Retreat, and just sent that off to my buddy. (I'm not naming any names, 'cause this is a secret story. :-)

I took ten minutes to help with dinner and thought about a possible story for the Monthly Write Off at the Writer's Retreat, with a prompt that calls for either western, or science-fiction, or a shocking combination of both. The shocking combination is the one that's stirring my imagination more.

I read two book that I got from the library yesterday, and hoped that I could one day be as good writer as they.

I listened to my new Narnia soundtrack, and practiced my two songs for my singing class.

Now, I'm going to have tea, and watch "Behind Enemy Lines" with my family. This ought to be good!

Good night, God bless, keep writing.


  1. I worked on another science article an editor asked me to write. I'm still in disbelief of how much nonfiction I'm writing these days. I never thought I'd enjoy nonfiction, but I actually do!

    I'm also planning a new manuscript--untitled at the moment--so that's exciting, too.

    I'm glad to hear you've found a way to fix those plot holes!

  2. Yesterday was a mom day. Headed to the store to buy a Bday present for my daughter's friend, then off to the grocery store, then dropped off said daughter to the birthday party, then came home dropped unconscious for a few minutes only to get up and have to go pick up daughter.
    (how's that for a runon. :D )

    Then had to go to brother-in-laws house for sledding, pizza, Wii and then home. I'm pooped!
    Hopefully this morning I can get to the edits I made to my story. :/

  3. You've been busy! Behind Enemy LInes was a good one!
    I've been revising my Nano mss, and also getting an ABNA submission ready. Last night was an early to bed night, at 1:30 am. Today I have to skim through Lysistrata again, to teach it tomorrow. Teaching a segment on Greek comedy. Phew!

  4. Cute post, reminds me of my college journal when I helped with dinner and watched movies with my family while going to school and working full time. In fact, if we replace the Narnia soundtrack with The Sound of Music sound track,(that I practiced from)--for my college singing class and the family movie with Jaws then it could almost be identical. Thanks for the memories.

  5. I studied my ICL manual,went to church, and a worship arts team meeting. I'm contemplating laundry and doing something other than writing and dancing just to clear my mind. Maybe I'll go to a museum who knows. You learn alot as a writer by doing stuff like that being around people. Anyway chica great post. Hugz

  6. Hugz back, Legacy. Thanks for the comment, sweet heart.

  7. Gracious we are a busy group. Me, I have been sick so I have been lazing around. I did finish up a MS and submitted it off. I also held a family birthday dinner on Friday, a kids party at Sweet and Sassy, then attended a kids birthday party, had my anniversary dinner and a movie night, and then slept most of Sunday away (feeling a bit more the thing today). Today, back to work and schedule as usual. Congrats everyone for all you are able to accomplish.


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