Monday, January 17, 2011

Your First World

What was the very first world you created? What was the setting of the land that made you realise anything was possible in a book?

Mine was a world created in my own backyard. My very first story idea was about a girl who shrinks down to the size of a caterpillar, and finds adventure in her own back yard. She explores her world from the perspective of an inch-high person, and discovers just how challenging the life of a bug can be.

In this here and now, that world of the back yard has been reborn, and become a whole different land called Entomologia, the world of insects. Before last year, that place was simply Bonnie's back yard, and her garden, where she tries to find a way to return back to her normal size and life. Now, it is Entomologia, and the stakes for Bonnie have been raised higher.

Since that first venture into the imagination, I have discovered a whole slew of new worlds just waiting to be explored. However, Entomologia is one that is closest to my heart, since it was the very first world to be crafted out of my mind.
So, I just wanted to know. What was the very first world you created, and how special is it to you?

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