Sunday, June 29, 2014


Awhile ago, Bella at To Say Nothing of Reality tagged me with what she thinks is the Liebster Blog Award.  The goal of this tag is to:
1.)  LIST 11 facts about yourself.
2.)  ANSWER 11 questions the tagger asked.
3.)  ASK 11 questions of those you tag.

Since I have done the Liebster Blog tag several thousand times already...

...I am, once again, going to cheat on this.


Having cheated, I shall now faithfully answer Bella's questions, which are these:

1.) If you had a choice would you visit Rivendell or the Shire?
Um, um, um... the Shire.  I think the elves would expect more from me than the hobbits would.

2.) Have you read The Ascendance Trilogy?
3.) Do you tend to like the Villain BETTER than the hero? (This means in everything, mind you.)
Um... it really depends on the conflict in said villain, and the motivation driving them.  For the most part I think I tend to like the hero more than the villain.  I think...
Prison Break - Scofield vs. Mahone
4.) Are you a Tolkien Purist?
Yes.  IMHO, if there had to be a film adaption of the Hobbit, Peter Jackson should have made it a TV show and followed the book verbatim.  He wouldn't have had the urge to add all the unnecessary drivel that he did.
5) Are you a Marvel fan or just an Avengers fan?
I would say mainly an Avengers fan.  I'm not much into Spider Man, I'm not sure about the upcoming Ant Man, and I don't know about Guardians of the Galaxy.  I do like Wolverine, but I don't think I really love all the X-men.
6.) What book are you reading RIGHT NOW, and is it good?
Right NOW right now?  Er...  My own.  I'm editing. :-)  I think it's good, but it could use some - lots - of work.
7.) What is the first thing that comes to mind when think of trains?
8.) Have you ever had Vegan Chocolate? (If not, don't. DO NOT EVER.)
Thanks be to God, no.
9.) Have you ever cried in the theatre?
Are you kidding?  The real question is, have I ever NOT cried in the theatre?  It's such a dark and private place, I can weep unashamedly.
10.) Would you go shopping with me dressed as your favorite Avenger?
Eheheheheh... I think I'd have to be a tad bit stewed to be bold enough to do such a thing.  But mebbe.
11.) Do you think Frozen is overrated?
Yes.  In my outspoken opinion, Tangled was a much better story.  Besides, Rapunzel had a frying pan.


Eleven questions for whosoever wants to be tagged.

1.)  If you could choose to be a bug, what kind would you be?
2.)  You are given a choice between pizza and chocolate.  What do you choose?
3.)  What does Panama make you think of?
4.)  Have you ever been so obsessed with a TV show you literally can't think of anything else for days?  Weeks, even?  If so, which TV show(s) are you obsessed with at the mo'?
5.)  Do you prefer pens or pencils when writing?
6.)  If you could have one superpower talent, what would it be?
7.)  Do you visualize yourself as an archer or a ninja?
8.)  Quick!  Off the top of your head, what's the ONE THING you can't live without?
9.)  You're on the run.  Would you rather have a.) a hairbrush, or b.) a toothbrush?
10.)  Are you a summer or winter person?  Why?
11.)  Do you unashamedly watch cartoons and cry over them?  (If yes, high five, sista!)

There you go.  Since I'm a good person, I'm actually going to force myself to reach out and tag a couple people.  After that, youse all are on your own.
Arda Nessimava

Before I say farewell entirely, I am going to mention that I LOVED Prison Break the TV show, and because I loved it so much I made many collages, which I'm going to share here.

Yep, I'm a bit obsessed.  Unlike some other sisters I can name, I am very honest about being obsessed.  I like to share my obsession, and see how many other people I can get to be obsessed, too.

So, until next time... which may be awhile.  You never know.  I could go on a blogging spree and be your faithful blogger twice a week.  Or I may pop up in a couple months with a new obsession.  Life can be interesting that way.

So, talk to you later!

God bless!



  1. Yes, you're a wee bit obsessed where that show is concerned!

    I think I'd want to go to Rivendell.

    1. Yep, that show... I haven't appreciated a show that much in a long time.

      Rivendell is lovely. I just think I'd fit in better with the hobbits. Though, for solitude, Rivendell might be more appropriate. :-)

  2. Oh Cat, I love your posts! You always make me laugh! And yep, you are an obsessed Prison Break fan! Goodluck with your book!

    1. Thanks, Allyn! I haven't seen you around for awhile. Hope life is going well for you. :-)


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