Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy June!

Is it just me, or did it feel as though May went by very quickly?  I can't believe it's already JUNE!  I mean, gosh.  If time could slow down a little, that would be great.


I went to my first Renaissance Faire on Saturday.  It put me in a definite costuming mood.  There was one outfit I loved. It was a Ranger-y leather riding skirt, sort of like this one here, except it was mostly green with brown rather than brown entirely.

Yeah, I'd wear this,
but with a camisole. :)

It was really fun.  We saw a jousting tournament - the Green Knight lost, which was expected considering the tale of Gawaine and the Green Knight, and the fact that the announcer made him out to be the Evil Knight, but I liked him better than the Blue Knight - and we listened to some storytellers.  The Gypsy Time Travellers were pretty amazing.  They are a husband-and-wife team.  The wife, Christy Horne, tells stories (and she's quite good, by the way) while her husband Michael Olson does anvil accompaniment, creating little metal thingamabobs during the story.  We heard the Un-Disney-fied version of The Sword in the Stone.  Christy recited it while Michael created ten little salt spoons.  It was quite a unique show.

There was a vendor selling bracelets that looked kind of like this:

And a vendor selling candles that looked kind of like this:

There was a Doctor Who geode candle I really liked, where the stone a swirly blue colour, and the woodcarving was of the TARDIS whirling through space.  That one was my fave.

For some reason, there were a bunch of Doctor Whos walking around.  Treskie said it was probably because of that episode where the Doctor marries Queen Elizabeth, and since the Renaissance Faire tends to have a Queen Elizabeth walking around the Whovians decided this was the opening they needed to appear as the Doctor.

(Weirdly enough, considering it was TEN who technically married the Queen,
most of the Doctors I saw were dressed as Eleven.  Yay, Eleven!)
A good time was had by all, I think.  I want to go to the Faire next year, but I think, if possible, I might try to dress up... and in Ranger costume, if at all possible.

To finish off, here are a few pictures of my other nieces and nephews!

And NOW to life, and NOW to life.  Until next time (hahah!)


God bless!



  1. Replies
    1. Aren't they all cuties? They are, as one of my sisters would say, "Totes adorbs!"

  2. Good shots of the kids, and of the faire!

    A photoblogger I follow has been doing posts from a renaissance faire as well in the last couple of days.

    1. Yeah, I have a sister who takes some pretty well-placed pictures. She's quite good at centering a scene. The faire was so much fun!

  3. Ren Faires!!!! Those are so much fun. But yes, dressing up is even more fun.

    That one Ranger outfit is really cool! I am now kind of tempted to try and sew something like that.

    1. I know! I love that Ranger outfit. I don't think I'd have the patience to sew something so... detailed. I quite adore it though.

      If you DO sew something, let me see it. I'll drool a little in jealousy. :-)

  4. I need to go to a Ren Fair now and dress up all ranger-like and take my sting sword with me. I really, REALLY want to wear my sting sword. That would be soooo much fun.

    oooooooooh! Those pictures are totally adorable! How long did it take you to edit them??? You made them look so professional and pinterest-like. *Grin* Justin looks so tall next to that gnome statue. He is like a giraffe. lol. I'm glad you had fun out there. I hope you can go again soon and have more fun. But first Disneyland. DISNEYLAND KAT!

    *slides off car Bucky style*

    1. I have a thing on my phone called "Cymera" which I love. I can edit pictures, add some bling and beauty and make things go "Ta da!" Loki-style.

      I'm glad you like them.


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