Wednesday, November 21, 2012


That's right. I'm not going to apologize, either. I'm helping to pack up and move (again) so I have no time for a tutorial. Isn't that the saddest news ever? On the flip side, the next tutorial you receive ought to take place in South Lake Tahoe. Yeah, it's crazy. God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes I wish those ways weren't quite so far, but...

So, since I'm not lightening your day with a marvelous tutorial (excuse my small horn tooting there) I shall instead post THIS song, because I have been on a Disney RAMPAGE and am not sure why.

Besides, she has a KILLER voice. Would that I could sing so well! However, I guess I can only be uber talented in one thing at a time. Sorrows.

Oh well. Have a lovely Wednesday! Cheers! God bless! (Should I try using another exclamation point?)



  1. Haha! Her voice is awesome. :D We just watched Tangled.... I always cry during that movie... :)

  2. the song made up for no tutorial, believe me :D I agree with you; her voice is fantastic. I think she is the best "Disney Princess" singing wise. But you know you are as good as she is, right? *nods honestly*

    Yes I know Mordred is a baddie. But he has an intersting story and I love him. He has great character, personallity, looks, clothes and fighting skills. I'll be sad when he turns evil :(

    Good Luck on NaNo. You're almost done!

    See you soooooooon! EEP
    God Bless


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