Thursday, November 8, 2012


Well, maybe not quite THAT extreme, but...

*deep breath*

Dear friends and followers, even if you're both one and the same thing.

I hereby interrupt your week with a newscast, of a sort:

American Duchess is holding a really amazing giveaway over at her blog. Follow this link to participate! You will win these absolutely amazingly adorable shoes! (Or the equivalent, but I like the shoes.)

Aren't they cute? Aren't they adorable? Aren't they swoon worthy?

If you answered YES! YES! YES!, then head on over and participate. You never know... YOU might just be the lucky winner!

God bless.



See my comment box? Want to know a secret?

*whispers* It's actually a TARDIS comment box! If you write long enough, you'll see... it's bigger on the inside!

Isn't that cool?

Now that you know that, aren't you going to throw a comment in there? You KNOW you want to. :)

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