Saturday, November 10, 2012

Six-Sentence Saturday 11/10/2012

It is another Saturday. I feel like I turn around and trip over the next weekend. It's amazing how quickly they come, isn't it?

1.) It is incredibly windy outside.

2.) I'm thinking of that line from Peter Kagan and the Wind: "The wind is working now."

3.) My little niece just came in, stabbed my computer screen and said, "Look, Auntie Trina! There's a sight word! It's "the", see?"

4.) I feel so proud. (I taught her that. :)

5.) I just had the cool experience of seeing THIS picture:

...drawn in all it's glorious step-by-step-tutorial detail on my sister's site:

6.) I'm having a severe and overwhelming sense of "coolness." I ought to wear sunglasses.

That's all for now. What's up with you?

I'm taking suggestions for a new Wednesday pic, too, so drop some comments in the box!

Ta, and see youse all on Wednesday! God bless



  1. Eek! Mah pictah! Oh oh! Do a Cowboy next time!!

  2. Or you could do a little demo on how to draw hands - from several angles, possibly. I am lousy at hands. Ooh! Ooh! I just noticed that buy-my-prints button on the sidebar. That is *cool*!

    1. Isn't that fun! I know, I was jazzed out too. :) And yes, hands, or shadowing, or feet... those would be good, too. Might to a shadowing tutorial...

  3. My daughter is learning to read, too, so I'm used to her pointing out words. Very cute.


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