Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award.

Today is Holy Thursday, the day Our Lord's Passion is to begin.

On this day, I was honoured to receive The Versatile Blogger Award from Kelly Hashway. Thank you so much, Kelly! When you get a moment, please head on over to her blog. She is an amazing writer, and someone I aspire to imitate.

Now, in order to accept this award, I have to pay it forward to other blogs of my choice (easy), AND reveal 7 things about myself (not so easy)!! I'll do the hard part first.

Seven Things About Me That You Never Knew, and May Wish I'd Kept To Myself.

1.) I like snow between the months of November and February. After that, where the heck is spring?!!

2.) I like sewing, but I hate cutting out the patterns, pinning the material together, losing pins, accumulating mounds of scraps to be thrown away, and the all-around general messiness that goes with sewing. The actual sewing part I like. :)

3.) I love singing, especially sad love songs.

4.) I am passionately fond of clay. Premo! is the best.

5.) I enjoy writing so much that, if I could, I would probably spend half the day writing and the other half thinking about other things to write about. In between times, I try to do everything else that I love - singing, drawing, clay, music, etc.

6.) I generally expel my emotions (anger, sadness, etc.) by crying. It's really embarrassing. "You are the meanest person ever! **sob** I'm going to tell on you! **sniff**" See? Embarrassing. I'd prefer to get mad, and LOOK mad, not cry. Oh well.

7.) I do not do things on my own. Ever. If I go anywhere, I try to make someone come along with me. It's a comfort thing, I think.

Okay, now to pass on the award!
  1. Anne E. Johnson - Jester Harley's Manuscript Page
  2. Debra Elliot - Writing With Debra
  3. Allyn Stotz - Allyn's Blog: Dreaming with Words
  4. Deirdra Eden Coppel - A Storybook World
  5. Anna Staniszewski - Anna Staniszewski
  6. Krista V. - Mother. Write. (Repeat.)
  7. Amber Polo - Wordshaping
  8. C. M. Villani - C. M. Villani
  9. Stephanie Perkins - Natural Artificial
  10. Antimony - Thoughts, Musings, and Broken Promises
Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks for stopping by. Have a very holy Thursday.


  1. Cat,

    Thank you so much for nominating me for this award! You are so sweet. However, after reading all about you, you are quite a funny little creature, huh? Just the type I'd love to get to know in person!

    By the way, is there a certain number of blogs we need to send this award to or is it just up to the recipient?

  2. Thanks, Cat, I'm honored! And congrats to you! I'll get to work passing this honor on to others.

  3. Deirdra, you're so welcome!

    Allyn, I don't think there's a certain amount of blogs you can award. I checked a couple blogs that received the award, and the amount varied from person to person. The only real requiremnt is to list seven things about yourself!

    Anne, you're welcome. You have a lovely blog.

  4. Wow, thank you. Thank you for stopping by and your heartfelt comment.

  5. Great, Cat. Thanks again. I promise I will forward on but it may be next week or so before I get the chance. Happy Easter!

  6. Wow, thank you so much Cat!

    A xxx

  7. Cat you made me blush! You're so sweet. And might I add that you are a wonderful writer.

  8. You're welcome, Debra. :)

    Allyn, you're welcome again. :-*

    Antimony, your blog always brings a smile to my face. You're very welcome too.

    Kelly, back atcha! Love you to pieces!

  9. Thank you, Cat! And thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself. (I can totally relate to #6 on your list. My mother uses tears to express most emotions, too, and I'm afraid she rubbed off on me a little.)

  10. You're welcome, Krista! I love your blog, the name, the style, the posts... every time I go over there, I feel happy. :)

  11. Congratulations Cat, I am so proud of you! Blessings, Elizabeth.

  12. Thanks so much for the award! I had to laugh when I read your bit about crying because I'm totally the same way. The worst is when I'm mad and instead of arguing like a normal person, I just burst into tears. :-)

  13. Hmmm. When I get angry, I turn red and my chin does contortions. :)

    You really deserve the award Kit. Good job! :)


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