Friday, April 15, 2011

An Ode to Lack of Internet

I find it very hard to write
all that I want to share with you,
when internet just isn't there.
I mean, what IS a girl to do?

If there's no net, there's no connection,
Sad, this small yet true reflection.
With no connection, I can't post...
I wonder what I miss the most?
The net or blog? It's hard to say...
that's why I'm posting this toDAY!

Sorry for my absence here,
I shall attempt to make amends.
Soon, I pray, I'll have a router,
to connect me to my friends.

So I plead in desperation,
venting my pent-up frustration.
Don't give up, and do not fret.
I shall get connection yet!
I'll be better when I do.
Until later, God bless you.


  1. I wish I could write poetry! :-) That was super cute, Cat.

  2. I didn't realize you don't have an internet connection. I'd go crazy. I'm completely addicted to being on-line. I hope you get your connection soon!

  3. When my hard drive crashed last week I lost my smiles,
    You see, I was afraid I'd lost my files!
    But a young man over at the computer store,
    Copied them all, in a huge restore.

    Okay, it's not Shakespeare, but I sympathize, as I just went through the computer crash thing last week. No fun at all!

  4. Love this sweet poem that says it like it is! Do keep writing, I have enjoyed your involvement with She Writes. Best wishes, Elizabeth.

  5. Thanks, Amy.

    Kelly, I seriously feel like I'm having withdrawal. I have to keep stealing internet time at the library, or at my family's house. :-P

    Catherine, LOL! I would have lost my smiles, too! Thank goodness for the computer guys, hey?

    Elizabeth, thanks. Nice to see you, too!


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