Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday... LOVE my weekends.

I'm so excited. I got myself some clay, some tools for modeling clay, some inks for antiquing metals, and some liquid clay so I can get started on sculpting. It's terribly thrilling. However, since I haven't been feeling quite the best tonight, I'm waiting until tomorrow to dive in and create. So that's something to look forward to!

You know how you just have those days where all you do is have fun? That's kind of how my day was today. We, my mom and two sisters, drove to town and went to Michaels, Target, Walmart, and Bed Bath and Beyond. It was so much fun. We just did a lot of window shopping and browsing, and I was able to write my poem for the April PAD. (That's Poem-A-Day, for those who don't know what that means. For more information, you can go here: Join the fun, if you want to!) I also came up with another story idea, and have two poems that I want to edit and submit to different mags. That's in my to-do list in my day planner... or it's going to be soon!

Also, since I feel in a celebrating kind of mood, it feels like Spring out here. Seriously. We had an enormous dump of snow about a week ago, and we got so much that it was impossible to chuck the stuff on the berms. It was too high! Now, seven days later, I'd say a good 1/2 of the snow has melted. That's amazing! We went from about 6 feet to 3 feet in a week. Lovely, and I have to say, FINALLY! Snow is beautiful stuff, but shovelling is probably one of the few forms of exercise that I quite despise. I'm more than happy to see the sunshine.

At the end of the day, there's nothing quite so nice as sitting on the couch with a stuffed animal of sorts, (I know, infantile. But stuffed animals are SO comforting!) and listening to music. Right now, it's "The Secret Garden", a Broadway musical. Very soothing, and relaxing.


  1. I spent my Saturday shopping with my daughter and my parents while my husband took is last class for his administrative certificate. We were doing last minute shopping before our trip to Myrtle Beach next week! I can't wait. All our snow is now gone. Yay! We had some at the end of this week, but it was a rain and snow mix so the snow melted within hours.

  2. Ooh, that's fun! Yes, I'm glad the snow is melting. I'm rather over it, I think.

    Have fun at Myrtle Beach! I remember you going there last year.

  3. Hi Cat, what a lovely post. I love those kinds of days too, it's a bit like a being a kid again with no responsibilities!

  4. I did homework most of the morning. Then in the afternoon I made some fried fish and salad and me, the kids, and the hubby put on a movie. It was, Let me in. The younger kids and the hubby grumbled under their breaths. Then the youngest kids ran outside and the hubby went in our room to watch sports and play on his laptop.

    My oldest daughter and I watched it all. And we loved it. Then we watched Black Swan - our favorite of the two movies. Natalie Portman deserved her Oscar!

  5. I spent Saturday at a birthday party for my nephew. Cake! Our snow is gone thankfully, but it keeps spitting at us anyway,. At least its not sticking.


  6. Sounds like you all had some "doing" weekends!

    Dawn, ugh! Sorry about the homework thing. :)

    Courts, can I have a piece of cake??!! LOL

    Isabelle, thanks so much!

    Hi Treskie. ;)

  7. I haven't seen a drop of snow all year. Louisiana is so blah in the winter and so darn hot in the summer! I love those lazy weekends, I live for em!


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