Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring Snow

I was optimistically expecting spring to be fully and completely here.

However, this morning I woke up to a fine dusting of snow. After an initial "GEEEZ!!" expression of disgust, I tried to put it all in perspective. After all, maybe the snow made people slow down as they drive, so that someone who might have driven too fast and killed themself was saved. Maybe the snow made someone (who I think I know...*wink wink*) very happy, and able to get through the day with a more positive attitude.

As I was walking to work I could hear all the little birds singing, "Why'd I think spring was here? What am I doing here?" and "Gotta keep warm! Gotta keep warm!" Here and there I'd see a bird sitting on a tree all blossomed out with snow flowers, with his wings puffed out aggressively and a disgruntled expression on his beak. I couldn't help thinking, "Poor bird!", but at the same time, there was something beautiful about the trees, about the way the rising sun illuminated the white-tipped edges of the pines, and the way the grass lay frosted in ice and sunlight.

If it must snow in spring, at least it does it beautifully.

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