Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day Four... Stress gaLORE!

It's amazing to realise we're already four days into NaPiBoWriWee. For this story, my mind actually decided to take me down the NF aisle...rather to my surprise, since I couldn't see a NF PB that would impress children.

However, my effort came through. I call it "Alligator Bugs", and it's about baby ladybugs, who start their lives looking something like little black alligators with orange spots.

See that bug, crawling up that leaf? It looks nasty! It must be a mean bug. Squish it. Wait! Wait! Don't squish that bug, 'cause it's a baby ladybug! Really.

Since baby ladybugs eat and eat and eat so many of the bugs that are bad for plants and trees, it's important not to kill them. They are a farmer's friend. Love the alligator bugs, 'cause one day they'll become a beautiful ladybug, and ladybugs are lucky!

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