Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day Five... I'm still alive

Day five of the writing frenzy, and I'm still gamely going at it.

For this story, I really had nothing. NOTHING! It was quite a day for me. I was so busy and stressed at work I came home from lunch and de-stressed (a little) with a book. On the way home from work five hours later, dredging up ideas and hammering my mindless grey cells against the stony emptiness of my skull, I walked by a meadow that was rushing water, and thought, "What does a stream think as it streams along?"

Voila. A poem popped into my head. It started with the line:

"The stream goes dreaming, streaming, gleaming,"

followed by the rest of these lyrics:

"Through a meadow merrily,
And it dimples dappled ripples
Lost in rushing reverie."

What does a stream dream? Hopefully, this poem will enliven, one day!

Tomorrow's day six. Onward, upward, ever forward! (No picture accompanied this poem. I can't do water, yet.

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