Friday, May 2, 2014

The Neglected Blog

Ever since Jack came to visit us near the middle/end of March, I have been rushing, rushing, rushing, and completely neglecting this corner of the blogosphere.


I did post a Good Friday story!

*Hopeful smile*

However, that wasn't really a blog post, was it?

So, I'll give you an update of what's been happening.

I'm visiting a sister.  She had a baby a few weeks ago.

I have so many pictures, you guys!

Here's a small rainstorm of pictures.  I have the most adorable nieces and nephew!

As you can see, I'm absolutely delighted to be holding Baby Jessica Marie, fifth child and fourth daughter of Dan and Regina Gieser.  Actually, I"m thinking about framing that picture, because I think it's freakin' adorable!

So, I've been here with my sis for about a month.  We painted a room on the Saturday before Jessica was born.  I'm firmly convinced it was the painting, and the walk to the library on Monday that persuaded Jessica to be born three days before her due date.

We also put up border in the bathroom -- that was a headache and a half!! It was pre-pasted stuff, and it was ten years old. This was a fact I was totally unaware of while I was putting up the first roll.  I'm sure that's why it took Gina and me an hour to put up that first roll - that, and the fact that I think we soaked it in water a little too long, and were laughing because of all the random movie quotes we were spouting out about the fact that it wasn't sticking.  (We actually saved the last two rolls for after Jessica's birth, and those went up much easier.  We used less water. :-)

We had a great Easter, too.  I had a basket filled with so much chocolate, and a very pretty butterfly barrette.  That Easter bunny knew what I'd like. :)

On a totally separate note, I also finished my Transcription course.  I scored a 100% on the transcription itself, and graduated with an overall score of 97.6%.


I have also been accepted into the internship program, which starts in June.  Prayers would be greatly appreciated, since during the internship I'll be getting real experience with real patients and real chart notes.

Well, that's all for now from me.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I can't promise I'll be posting for another few weeks, because I'm heading to my other sister's place this weekend, and she doesn't really have internet at the moment.


I love Cymera and Picmonkey.  Cymera is a camera app on my phone, and one I used to decorate all these photos, and Picmonkey is a website where I made all my collages.

Thanks for stopping by, and hope you all had a wonderful Easter, and continue to have a good month of May.  Love and prayers, hugs and kisses.

God bless!



  1. Congratulations on being an aunt again!

  2. Sorry I didn't comment sooner. I LOVED this post. For some reason, it made me all teary. But the happy kind of teary.
    I'm so glad you're having a good time! You give those kids some hugs from their other Auntie!

    1. Aw, glad you liked it. I love all the pictures, don't you? The kids are the cutest!


    I tagged you!!!

    1. Noooooo!!! LOL I'll do it when I get back. :)

  4. Congrats on being an Aunt again! Enjoy those little ones, they are so much fun when they're little. I loved all the photos!


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