Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Dark World - Movie Review

So, we went to watch The Dark World last week in the theater. By "we" I mean my brother, my mother, and five of my sisters. We were quite a group.

And the movie was amazing!


It starts off with a prologue about Odin's father fighting a race of creatures known as the Dark Elves. They are led by Malekith, a particularly nasty Dark Elf who seeks to turn the universe to darkness using a weapon called the Aether. The armies of Asgard manage to defeat the Dark Elves and acquire the Aether. Since the Aether cannot be destroyed, the Asgardians bury it deep in the earth to prevent it from ever being found. In the turmoil of the final battle, Malekith and a handful of his Dark Elves escape the carnage, proclaiming that the fight is not yet over.

Christopher Eccleston as Malekith - *Doctor, what are you doing? Doctor. Stahp*

We return to present day, where Jane Foster has been waiting for Thor to keep his promise and return to her, even though it has been two years since he left her on Earth and destroyed the Bifröst, the "Rainbow Bridge" between the realms. Thor, in Asgard, has been busy trying to restore peace to the Nine Realms, and Loki has been imprisoned for the war crimes he committed on Earth during The Avengers.

Tom Hiddleston - Loki

Darcy Lewis, Jane's intern and companion from the previous Thor movie, discovers an anomaly in an abandoned factory that is similar to the one that brought Thor to Earth, and brings Jane to investigate. While investigating, Jane gets separated from Darcy and is pulled into a wormhole, where she discovers an enormous stone housing a strange red formless substance. She touches the substance, and it pours into her, knocking her unconscious. On Asgard, the Rainbow Bridge Guardian Heimdall tells Thor that Jane has disappeared from his sight, and Thor returns to Earth to discover what has happened to her.

Natalie Portman - Jane Foster

He finds her at the factory, where she inadvertently releases a blast of unexpected power. Recognizing it as something dangerous and unearthly, Thor brings Jane to Asgard for her to be healed, only to be told the sickness she has cannot be healed by them. Meanwhile Malekith senses the Aether and awakens from a stasis-type sleep he laid on himself and the surviving Dark Elves after their escape from Odin's father. The Dark Elves muster their forces and attack Asgard, searching for Jane and the Aether she contains.

Jane and Frigga

After their failure to obtain the Aether on Asgard, the Dark Elves flee to regather their strength, leaving a devastating amount of dead Asgardians behind, including Thor and Loki's mother. Thor has an idea to take Jane to Malekith's world, Svartalfheim, to tempt Malekith to remove the Aether from her. While the Aether is being transferred from one body to the next, Thor plans to kill the Dark Elf. Odin forbids this plan, wanting to keep Jane on Asgard as bait.  Knowing that only the ruination of Asgard can come from such a plan, Thor enlists Loki to take him to Svartalfheim through the secret portal only Loki knows. In return, Loki may take his revenge on Malekith for killing their mother. The brothers steal a crashed Dark Elf ship and escape to Svartalfheim with Jane.


Malekith succumbs to their trickery, drawing the Aether out of Jane, but Thor is unable to destroy the substance during its transference. Malekith becomes imbued with the power of the Aether and abandons them on Svartalfheim as he flies away on his ship to destroy the world. When all hope seems lost, Thor and Jane stumble upon a portal in a nearby cave which teleports them to London. There, they learn where Malekith plans to unleash the Aether to destroy the universe, and the only thing that can save them is the use of Jane's scientific equipment.


So, that's my review. I think I enjoyed The Dark World a little bit more than I did the first Thor movie... the "official" name which I can't remember. (Was it just Thor, God of Thunder?) I liked Jane Foster better in this one, and I loved Thor and Loki together. They were awesome.


Hope you enjoyed that. God bless!


(P.S.  I think I have decided my favourite kinds of stories are brother stories.) :) That's all.

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  1. Sounds really good, Cat. And I do have a major crush on Thor! If only he could see me in person, I know he'd drop everything and everyone just to be with me! LOL


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