Saturday, November 23, 2013


So, funny story...

My family and I are pretty avid Doctor Who fans. Since today is the 50th anniversary, we were of course pretty stoked to watch the 50th Anniversary Episode of Doctor Who online, along with a million other fans. I mean, come on, how cool is that? "A billion billion people" all watching Doctor Who at the same time!


Well, as time approached, we couldn't get the show to play on BBCAmerica. Cue frantic shouting. At this time, we called up one of our friends who lives down the street to see if she could get Doctor Who to play on her cable. After a few minutes she was able to verify, yes, she could get Doctor Who on her telly, so we asked her to pause it while we gathered up the family and raced down there.

And we watched it!

I enjoyed it. I would have liked to see a few extra people appear on the screen (i.e., Rory, Amy, and River), aside from the ones we knew were going to appear (Ten, John Hurt, Rose Tyler), but I loved the ending where we got to see all 12 Doctors (Spoiler!! Highlight if you want to be spoiled) working together onscreen to save Gallifrey (End spoiler!!) and I really enjoyed watching Ten and Eleven together. Eleven is my favourite, so I was glad he got a lot of screen time, but he and Ten played really well off each other. Overall, I'd say this was a really tight episode and it was jolly having all the Doctors onscreen.


For everyone who watched the episode, hope you enjoyed it, and HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY, DOCTOR WHO!!!

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