Saturday, November 30, 2013

Six-Sentence Saturday - 11/30/2013

Can you believe it is already the last day of November? The days are just SCREAMING by, aren't they?


Anyhoozle, I have come to deliver myself of my six sentences.

1.) Everyone is off Christmas shopping except me.


2.) Slight exaggeration there... not EVERYONE is gone, but I have to go to work so I feel left out.


3.) I am feeling a bit like Obadiah Stane in regards to my car: "I'm deeply enjoying the suit," except, in my case, it is the CAR I'm deeply enjoying. :)

"I'm deeply enjoying the Suit."

4.) My sisters and I have come to the conclusion that Imagine Dragons (a band) does nothing but watch Supernatural and compose music based on Sam and Dean Winchester. (This song reminds me so much of Sam. Sammy!!! :)

5.) Supernatural is one of those shows I don't recommend, because of the horrifically flawed portrayal of God and the angels. I watch it for the brothers. :)


6.) Today is the feast of St. Andrew, so don't forget to start your St. Andrew Novena!!! :)


 Have a spectacu-acular kind of day. God bless!



  1. What-ho, Kit-Cat! :) Sorry I haven't been around to comment for a while. I've been just terrible about that lately.
    Your Thanksgiving post cracked me up. Hurrah for the car! Should we go for...a drive, in your car? With the vrum-vrum and the honk-honk.

    I'm glad you are deeply enjoying the car. You should name it something wicked.

    Right, well. I'm going to trot off now. Cheers!

    1. I do love the car. It is my fav'rite. :)

      I'm so glad you liked the Thanksgiving post. I was in *that* kind of mood.

  2. "I'm deeply enjoying the suit" LOL :-P you so funny!! I do like that Monster song now and if I ever get the chance I will do it to Sam, along with many other songs. Poor Sammy :'( he and Dean are the only reason to watch SPN. Seriously, the angels are terrible.

  3. Left out of Christmas shopping is no fun. (I didn't get to go yet this year. I had to do mine online, which is NOT FUN! But, I got some fun ideas for presents for some of my new friends, *blink, blink* and get to go shopping then. And hope I can mail it all on time. I am terrible with mailing. I can never time it right.)

    I share the same thoughts about Imagine Dragons. I think they try and make it so no one will guess what they're songs are really about, unless the listener is a fan themselves.

    Get to seven in SPN. Seven makes life better. Seven is full of brotherly feels and it gets better from there. (Well, was. Treskie found something I guess that might lead to buckets of tears.)

    I've heard good and bad about Arrow. Kind of like he is like Stark in the very beginning on the first movie,a nd I'm not sure if he changes. So I've not been too keen on starting it and am waiting for someone to watch it so I know if it is good or bad.


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