Saturday, August 3, 2013

Six-Sentence Saturday 08/03/2013

I have to go to work in *checks watch* ten minutes, so unfortunately you're not going to get too many pictures with these six sentences.

1.) I've been having MASS every day this week!

2.) Except for Thursday, 'cause I had to be at work at 11:00, and Mass was at 10:00... AM, that is.


3.) I am slowly making my way through Supernatural.


4.) I don't like the "gory" scenes.


5.) I tend to polish my nails, or read a  book, or play on my cell phone during those scenes.


6.) I'm wondering how many people are reading right now.


That's all! I have to go make boutonnieres, corsages, and deliver flowers to people. Cheers!


God bless!



  1. Supernatural, Trina! Superrrrnaaaatural!

  2. Thanks to you, Treskie, and another friend, I've now added Supernatural to my to watch list. Once I get some other shows finished.

    Your work sounds rather fun, at least a bit more than mine. I'm sure though, like me, "real jobs" are anything but fun.

    Well...The Broken Blade doesn't have magic...but it has elves and dwarves and dragons and Nymphs, and I'm thinking of a wizard. (Not the Gandalf type, but someone who can argue with the elves about age and aging.) *Grin* If that counts 8-D

    YES!!!! I've noticed that as well. I read a book, I think set in the Middle Ages, and the writer went on and on about how bad life was and how they were all miserable. But I don't think they would have been. They wouldn't have noticed, it was a way of life. Not like if we went back in time. So, it kind of made reading it miserable. But The Shadow Things was written how I would imagine them to have actually felt. They lived in little huts were it got cold, and it didn't bother them because they had grown up like that.

    As for writing down all the books you want to read from my reviews, I will be listing all the titles on a special page, so they will be easier to find. *Grin* Because we all know I'm one of those readers who thinks all her friends HAVE to read all the books she loves.

    1. Tell me what you think of Supernatural. It took me a couple... well, maybe three of four... before I decided I liked them.

      The Florist Shop is, for the most part, fun. There is some stress, but nothing like I used to have.

      I am STOKED about that special page of book recommendations! Hurray! I should do that, too. :)


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