Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Music Recommendations from the Escapist. (That's me. :-)

Today I'm going to share MUSIC!!!

Everyone loves music. Best thing about one song too, is how short it is. A book takes a good couple of hours (at least) to finish. Same with movies. A single song can be listened to in two to six minutes. Sometimes less, sometimes more. But 'round about that much time.

So here are my recommendations!!

Featuring Music:

1.) BRAVE, BY JOSH GROBAN - Inspirational

This song is rich, inspirational, with a driving kind of sound that makes you want to be brave, even if you feel like you aren't. This song is my pick-me-up song when I'm feeling down. It's one of those, "You don't think you can get through this. You're just an ordinary person. There's nothing special about you. But don't you see, that's why you are special. You don't think you can keep going, but you do. And that makes you brave," kind of songs.


I ADORE it. I like to blare it in the car and sing to it loudly. It helps make you feel oh so much better. Of course, he's got the most amazing voice too, which makes it *that* much better. :)




This song... well, all I can say is the second verse REALLY reminds me of me, especially if I'm the person who is getting talked to. :) And the bit where she says, "We could get married, have ten kids and teach them how to dream," well, that just made me cry. Still does, actually, if I'm in *that* kind of mood.


I love the idea of dancing like you're made of starlight. This whole song kind of has a nostalgic, dreamy kind of feel, as though daring you to dream. I love it so much, you guys!



3.) CELLO WARS (STAR WARS PARODY), BY THE PIANO GUYS - Instrumental, humorous

If you have never heard of the Piano Guys, here you go. You're welcome.


All of their videos are amazing. The Piano Guys mainly consists of one Piano Guy and one Cello Guy, with the Video Guy, Audio Guy, and another Video Guy occasionally making appearances. Their parodies, like this one, is hilarious, and they have an amazing talent for blending popular songs with classical songs. Give them a look on Youtube. They have two CD's available now! (I own them both. They are BRILLIANT musicians!)



So there you go. Your music for the week. I hope you enjoyed that. A little Brave, a little Starlight, a little Star Wars... something for everyone, right?

God bless!



  1. Man! I freakin' LOVE Josh!!!

    And Taylor

    And the Piano Guys!

    Music~ *Happy sigh*

    And hey! I tagged you.

    1. Kewl! I shall do the tag next week. I likes your logo! It's amazing.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Kelly! I haz a thing for music. I love to listen to it all the time. :D

  3. The Piano Guys are amazing, I like listening to theirs.

    I LOVE BRAVE!!!! I, it isn't my favourite. I've never been able to narrow it to a favourite as far as his songs are concerned. But I've a tied favourite list and it is there. (Along with Hidden Away, Weeping, and You Raise Me Up.)

    EPPP!!! You've seen Sky Captain!!! *High fives* I love that movie. It is so cool, and it has Jude Law in it so that makes it ten times cooler.

    Ooo, you should watch The League of Extrodanary Gentlemen, it is really good and has all kinds of cool book characters in it. (And yep, Sean Connery is in it, and he is especially amazing.)

    Were I closer I'd watch Rise of the Guardians and Tintin every week with you. I can't get anyone here to watch them with me, they think after two times they've seen them enough.

    1. Two times is NEVER enough times to watch those movies. They are once-a-monthers for sure.

      I have a hard time narrowing Josh songs as well. Whatever he sings is amazing. :)

      I HAZ seen Sky Captain! That's when I decided I liked Jude Law as an actor. I decided I liked him as a person when he was being interviewed for the Sherlock Holmes movies.


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