Thursday, August 15, 2013


I was tagged by Amanda over at Old Fashioned Girl for this tag. The gorgeous picture was drawn by Amanda herself, and the writing is hers as well. Pretty freakin' talented, yes?

So, it looks like there are two parts to this tag. Part Numero Uno is this part: the tagging, and answering of questions. Part Numero Dos is a link up to Old Fashioned Girl, with a Disney-themed post as the link up post. (Did that make sense?) If you do the link up, you get to enter a giveaway!!!! And that's cool, folks.

SO, here is Numero Uno! Amanda's questions:

1.) What is your favorite Disney movie?
Until recently, it was Sleeping Beauty. I loved the whole battle against the dragon at the end. It's still one of my faves, but now that I have seen Tangled, I can't say it's my favourite anymore. Probably a toss-up between the two, though.


2.) Favorite Princess?
Again, until recently, it was Aurora. Now, I think I love Rapunzel just that little tiny bit more. :)


3.) Least favorite princess?
Ummm... I'm not wild about Ariel. I don't much care for Jasmine. Ah. I know! I DO NOT LIKE Pocahontas.


4.) Do you like the drawn animation or the computer animated movies better?
I think hand-drawn animation is more talented - come on, you had to draw sheets and sheets and sheets of illustrations for ONE LITTLE MOVEMENT!!! - but I think both styles are fun to look at.


5.) Favorite male character?
Flynn Rider. No longer even a contest. Though I still have a fondness for Prince Philip.



6.) In your opinion, who was the best villain?
Maleficent. She was, without doubt, the most evil, frightening villain in the world.


7.) What is your favorite Disney hairstyle? (I just had to ask that one!)
Do you really have to ask? I LOVE Rapunzel's hair when it's braided with flowers. Beauteous, much.


8.) What is your favorite story?
You know... I don't know. I love Sleeping Beauty, and I love Tangled. I'm also quite fond of Alice in Wonderland. :)


9.) Which one has the best romance?
Ummm... Probably Tangled.


10.) What is your favorite Disney song? *Mrhrhrhr* (Yeah, narrow it down to one!:)
Okay, this will probably make everyone laugh. My favourite song is the one Aurora (as Briar Rose) sings right before her "I wonder why each littler bird has a someone" song. THIS one:

Just LISTEN to her notes!!! And those trills! Gorgeous. :)
I also like the "My Own Home" song from The Jungle Book. And "I See The Light," from Tangled.

11.) What is your favorite costume?
Merida's outfit, in Brave. (Does Merida count?)


12.) Would you rather go to a ball with a midnight curfew or get lost in the forest and keep house for a bunch of dwarfs?
I would definitely keep house. Who ever thought a ball would be a Fun Thing To Do? All those people...


13.) Who is your favorite non-human character?
If we're talking strictly Disney movies, I love Archimedes, from Sword in the Stone. "Men will fly someday... just like a rock!"

14.) Do you want adventure in the great wide somewhere or would you rather just be on an Island of your own?
Depends on the adventure, depends on the island. The Island idea sounds nicer, but in either case I'd need to make sure it was planned ahead.


15.) What Disney movie is the most likely to make you cry?
Tangled, Dumbo, and the Rescuers. And Brave, if we're counting it. :)

16.) What character do you most relate to?


17.) What scene used to scare you the most?
I still get a little chilled everytime I watch Maleficent transform into a dragon.


18.) Did you like Aurora's dress better in blue or pink?
Blue. The pink is so... pink. The blue was prettier.


19.) Have you seen The Great Mouse Detective?
YES! *Stupid grin*


20.) What Disney movie, in your opinion, is the prettiest? Story aside, characters aside, what movie is just the most fun to look at?
Both Brave and Tangled have absolutely gorgeous cinematography. I love both of them equally.


All righty, that's all I've got! I hope you enjoyed the answers, and if you'd like to find out more about Amanda (who INVENTED this tag, y'all), just click here, and the link will take you to her blog, Old Fashioned Girl.

Stay tuned for my Disney Post! That might happen either this Saturday, or NEXT Wednesday.

Okay, that's all for now... Vladimir. (Mwahahahahaa)

God bless!



  1. Such an adorable tag. I just realized I haven't paid a lot of attention to Disney movies (unless they are done by Pixar). Love the picture of the Doctor's hand reaching out for Belle from the Tardis!

    1. That is probably one of my more favourite Doctor+Disney pictures. :)

      Isn't that a cute tag? She drew that all herself, including the handwriting. It looks JUST like Disney's!

  2. Lovely tag. Looks like you don't like pink. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Isn't it? I just love the way it looks. She did such a good job with the badge.

  4. I love Tangled. When I first saw it, the first thing I though was "She has brown eyebrows and green eyes, she must be a brunette."
    It's probably my favorite because I have a friend who calls me Rapunzel - I have really long hair that I have not cut or even trimmed for ten years.


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